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Selling Sunset star Heather Rae Young shares fertility journey

Heather Rae Young, one of the stars of hit US realtor show Selling Sunset will share her fertility journey to help others

The 34-year-old told her social media followers that she began the process of freezing her eggs two years ago, but since her circumstances changed, and she got married to Tarek El Mousa, she said she wanted to share her fertility journey with her fans.

In a recent video on her TikTok account, she said: “I have six follicles on one side and then on the other side they discovered a cyst. Which is fine, they will just monitor it, but she could not find any follicles on that side.

“If we decide to move forward, we will start the process next week to get me ready for the egg freezing in January.  Last time I did this I got six healthy eggs. So I have six on ice right now.”

In the video, which was also posted to her 2.2 million Instagram followers, she said in the accompanying comments: “I started my egg freezing journey two years ago but this year it’s really different and my mindset has shifted along the way.

“Sharing my journey was something I struggled with because every women’s experience is so different and I know some women go through a lot harder things but I decided I wanted to be vulnerable and real with you guys.

“This is something I think can be really empowering. I want to be strong for other women out there and help guide them through this because it’s a subject that’s not talked about enough. So I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my journey and I hope you all can benefit from it and feel empowered by it.”

She explained that in the past she’d had a low egg count and low fertility.

Heather and Tarek married in October 2021 at a lavish ceremony in Santa Monica.

The couple met in 2019 in Newport Beach, California.

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