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You shared your fertility hindsight with us

Sharing fertility hindsight is a powerful gift, especially when you could be saving someone from the heartache you experienced yourself

These TTC warriors share their experiences and urge women to educate themselves about their fertility as soon as they can.

Don’t ignore the pain

“I would just urge women to see a doctor if they have any issues/pains in their uterus/ lower abdomen and not just carry on. You don’t know what’s going on and if I wasn’t an advocate for my own health I may not have the chance I have now! If I had pushed more at an earlier stage I may have had the chance to conceive naturally! Just things you don’t think that applies to you when you’re young. Also whilst I’m at it… let’s make sexual health an open forum and not such a taboo!”


“Yes! Fertility insight is so important. I am 25, and I have known about my fertility problems since I was a teenager. I realise that this gives me a unique knowledge and opportunity to make decisions keep infertility in mind. If there’s one thing that came out good from being sick, it was this. Knowledge. I believe everyone who wants to have children in the future should definitely give some thought to fertility.”

More education

“I think there needs to be so much more education around all of this. Our cycles, our fertility, our biology. It’s crazy that we still teach so little and it affects us for our whole lives. We need to do so much more in this area so we’re armed with better info when we’re ready.”

Read up about egg freezing

“I did consider freezing when I was about 30 and didn’t… who knows but I wish someone had told me to arm myself with the knowledge of my own body!”

“Educating not just females but males too on this subject is hugely important- most just don’t know that eggs have a shelf life and the consequences can be devastating for both sexes. I wish I’d know that I could freeze my eggs when I was 30 for the future. I’m now 45 and luckily through the wonders of egg donation I’m now 5 months pregnant and my partner and I feel so lucky that we’ve been given this alternative opportunity after 4 years of IVF. It should be part of the school curriculum and a wider awareness campaign.”

Investigate your fertility early

“I have a few friends who are single in their late 30’s who I know want a family. After our struggles to conceive I purposely shared our struggles with them during our journey to our daughter. I answered any of their questions they had suggested to them that they consider getting some initial investigations on their AMH etc and possible egg freezing. To date, I’m not sure if any of my advice has sunk in but I tried.”

Asl questions

“I would probably have asked more questions when I was told at 19 “you might not be able to have kids, but you can come back to us later and we will help,”

Start sooner

“I would have started a lot sooner for sure. I’ve spent the last six years TTC and it’s getting harder to hope for the large family we always wanted. I’d tell my younger self to prepare more and I often tell my friends that if they think they might want kids in the future then go get a fertility mot.”

“I was always told to grasp my career with two hands – and perhaps delayed starting a family because of it – as my mother’s generation struggled to work outside the home, and have independence. My (IVF) daughter’s generation will know there is a balance to be had. And your career doesn’t have a clock ticking on it.”

“What I now regret is not trying sooner to have a baby, I would love for young women (ideally in school) to be aware of potential fertility issues and consider their options early on, I certainly had no idea.”

Check your fertility early

“I tell all the young people I know to get a blood test to check their fertility. Why wouldn’t you want to do something so simple to check something so big? I wish I’d done more instead of relying on my body to do something so natural. We have our beautiful daughter and she is our everything. I am truly blessed but our journey to get there was totally heartbreaking and I want to stop as many young people as possible going through the same hell.” 

Understand periods and that not everyone is the same

“All the books and lessons at school said periods should be regular. Mine were around every 50 ish days. That’s regular right?? Apparently not. Also ovulation signs? Never heard anything about them until trying to get pregnant. Had never heard of PCOS until trying for a baby. These are very very basic things that should be taught early on in period education.

“I personally feel some Drs/GPS do not help with lack of information and understanding. I was personally told that every woman ovulates on day 14 !! Every woman is different and they should take this into account.”

Self respect

“Gosh, I reprimand my poor young self daily for the struggles I face now!! Why did I stay with the cheating ex and have it end in an ectopic that robbed me of my Fallopian tube!?! Why did I hate myself so much to go with men and damage my remaining tube?! I should be a study for teenagers about how self-respect and lack of it can damage your fertility.”

Don’t assume anything

“I assumed IVF would work 1st time as I was a young 21 year old. How wrong I was. It didn’t and I had a breakdown. The hospital gave me Hope. I’d be mindful about telling young people their changes are good when in reality it’s pot luck as to it working regardless of age. I conceived my daughter on my 10th round. I’m 45 and hoping to go for another round in March.”

Thank you to everyone who shared their fertility hindsight with us, it means so much to us. If you would like to share yours, drop us a line at mystory@ivfbabble.com



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