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Woman praises dog for helping her through IVF fails

A UK woman has said her IVF success is down to the loving support of her beloved dog

Samantha Cope, from London, had originally planned to get a dog once she had created her family, but all that changed when her IVF treatment failed.

Samantha suffered several heartbreaking miscarriages and after a failed round of IVF, her husband David suggested they get the dog she has always wanted to help her feel better about life.

She told the TeamDogs rehoming website: “We tried to get pregnant for three years, had a couple of miscarriages along the way, and then when the holy grail of failed for us, I was at an all-time low.

“That’s when my husband suggested we get a dog.”

Samantha said she knew instantly the type of dog she wanted; a cocker spaniel, set about trying to find her perfect match.

She said: “Finally, I came across a registered litter in Dagenham, so we went on the train to look at them.

Love at first sight

“I knew which pup was mine as soon as we entered the house. The puppy came trotting up to me and sat by my feet meowing like a kitten. He was tiny but perfect.”

The couple paid the deposit and went back five weeks later to pick up the puppy they called Ziggy.

Samantha said: “Since we picked him up, he has been an integral part of the family. Our next round of IVF was a success and we now have our beautiful daughter, Bea. I put it down to Ziggy and the distraction he created for us and the joy he brings into our lives.”

Samantha said Ziggy and Bea are best friends and life could not be better for their family.

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