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Woman, 56, trying for twins to give daughter siblings

A woman who had her first child at 51 is hoping to give her daughter a sibling

Susan Ruffrano-Waltzman, 56, didn’t meet her husband, Josh until she was 44 and fell madly in love.

The Florida couple knew they wanted to have children together and started trying a year after they began dating.

At 46 she became pregnant naturally, but she suffered a miscarriage at nine weeks in a cruel blow.

The experience made them even more determined to have a child and they began IVF in the months that followed.

The first two rounds failed and the couple was asked if they had considered donor eggs or sperm, but they were determined to try for a baby of their own.

Their perseverance paid off and the third round worked.

Susan was 51 when she gave birth to her daughter, Morgan, in 2016 but she had an emergency cesarian after traumatic labour, causing severe anxiety.

Morgan is now a happy, healthy four-year-old but the couple would like to give her a sibling.

Susan, now 56 would like twins

She told Kidspot.com.au said: “I always wanted twins, so if I had them in our next round I would be satisfied. But I would like Morgan to have a sibling either way.”

She admits people have criticised the couple for having a child later in life, but Susan said she feels her maturity has been positive when parenting Morgan.

She said: “I try to put the whole age and number thing out of my sight. I want to be a champion for all the women out there who are trying to have a baby in their 40s and 50s and say ‘don’t give up.”

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