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Is it wise to rest after an embryo transfer

Worried about what to do once the embryo has been transferred?

That’s completely understandable. But there are lots of myths about what you should do!

Should I insist on a duvet day or a week off work?

When IVF treatments first started, doctors advised patients to lie flat for 24 hours. That’s changed now. Research has shown that there is no evidence that resting in bed even for a few minutes after transfer makes a difference to the chances of success.  In fact, some studies show that being inactive for long periods when your oestrogen levels are high may lead to blood clotting. Gravity won’t affect the transfer because the womb is more horizontal when you stand than when you lie down. So what’s the answer to staying safe?

What’s your typical day like?

First of all, consider how you normally spend a day. Is your job demanding physically? Do you exercise hard in the gym? It’s best to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous workouts during the torturous two-week wait until the pregnancy test. But gentler exercise is beneficial because it lowers stress hormone levels, stimulates blood flow and helps to reduce inflammation.

What about sex, coffee and hot baths?

It would be wise to avoid all three. Too much caffeine (more than five cups a day) can affect the chances of success, although some clinics say cut it out until after the test results. Sex can affect the implantation so it makes sense to wait and hot baths can damage the embryo so stick to showers.

Should I go to work?

Work can be a great distraction during the endless days leading up to the test. The best advice is to do what you normally do as long as it is not too demanding physically or emotionally.

During the two week wait, it can be really quite unsettling and it’s so important to do what makes you happy during this time and get friends and family to rally round and support you.




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