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My story, by Sara, Co Founder, IVFbabble

Talking from experience, I can say without doubt, the one thing that would have made my IVF experience a whole lot easier, was knowing that I wasn’t alone in my heart wrenching struggle to become a mother. The only people I knew who were going through IVF were the few couples in  the waiting room of the fertility clinic and not once would any of us make eye contact, let alone reach out and ask the simple yet most incredible question: “…you doing OK?” Looking back, I feel so cross with myself for not reaching out. It would have been amazing to have someone who understood what I was going through.

I went through four years of fertility treatment. Four years of sadness and solitude masked by fake smiles and gritted teeth. 

I would sit on the tube on the way home from work and look at the faces of the men and women opposite me and wonder if any of them had ever felt the loss of someone they had never met, the way I did. My IVF had failed and despite being married, I felt alone.

If only there had been a way of knowing whether some of those men and women had been through IVF, or had supported a loved one, a friend or a colleague with their battle with infertility. To actually see how many lives have been touched by infertility, to know that it is more common than we realise, would have given me so much strength and comfort. To realise that it wasn’t just the few faces in the fertility clinic who were going through the ups and downs of fertility treatment would have made me feel so much stronger.

…. And this is where the idea of the ‘pineapple pin’ came from.

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