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Why I created The Fertility Journal, by Sarah Lurton

When I created The Fertility Journal, I never imagined it creating such a support network for me whilst going through the hardest time of my life

I created The Fertility Journal as I hunted high and low to find a journal or diary that suited me and exactly what I was looking for and needed whilst TTC. I’m a nightmare for loosing diaries so needed one that would have everything I needed in 1 place and that is when The Fertility Journal came to life.

I spent months ensuring that it had that special touch that I was looking for

TTC is a daunting subject when you start researching, I wanted to try and make it less scary, so I created an instagram and linked it with the journal as I also wanted to create a safe space online for other women all around the world struggling to conceive. I wanted it to normalise Infertility, TTC, Mental Health, IVF, IUI and ICSI. I needed the journal more than I thought and it has now become by best friend throughout this process.

So, what exactly does The Fertility Journal include and why is it so helpful?

The Fertility Journal includes many different areas that are needed throughout your journey, whether you are just starting out or have been on this journey for years. I can ensure you it will benefit you in some way. It includes the following: Period Tracker, Symptom Tracker, BBT Tracker, Ovulation Tracker, About Your Journey, Positive Mirror Affirmations, Law of Attraction, Crystals, Chakra’s, Mental Health Awareness, You and Your Partner, A Space to remove those negative thoughts, a burn letter section (we all love a burn book!), Tests and Medication, Important dates you need to remember, Being Grateful, Future Goals, Staying Positive and My Story.

Now you know what it includes here’s how it’s helpful…

I can speak first hand on how The Fertility Journal has helped me. It has helped me understand my cycles and get a better knowledge of them. I now know my cycles are regular and that my symptoms can vary from month to month. I now understand that BBT changes throughout your cycle and can show when you are ovulating. It has helped me manage those dark, negative thoughts I had (they’re still there some days) and change them to positive thoughts. Some thoughts I would never want anyone struggling with infertility or TTC to experience as this is stressful enough.

I have tried to ensure my mind looks at the ‘when’s’ instead of the ‘what if’s’

Believe me when I say The Law of Attraction, Manifestation and Crystals have changed my life since writing about them in my journal. I have manifested many things into my life since then. I’m still working on the baby bit! Haha! It has made me realise that my husband has also struggled with his mental health whilst we’re TTC, which is why I also covered men’s mental health in The Fertility Journal.

The Fertility Journal has helped me through those nerve-wracking hospital and doctors’ appointments by giving me the chance to write down any questions I had. The Fertility Journal is a safe space to write down those negative thoughts you have, rip the pages out and then burn them! Focus on the positives and it makes the ride a hell of a lot easier!

Being on this journey and meeting some of the amazing people I have along the way has made me feel less lonely and so supported. I have created a whole instagram family that are so supportive, caring and the loveliest people I have met virtually!

Infertility is not something you should be ashamed of

You are not alone.

You are so powerful and strong; I am so proud of you!

If I help just one of you feel less lonely and supported, I have achieved what I set out to do.

If you would like to keep updated on my journey and my story, please head over to my Instagram @thefertilityjournal

Lots of Love

Sarah Lurton


If you would like to purchase The Fertility Journal, click here



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