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What to expect from this weekend’s Babble Online Expo!

We really hope you will come and join us this weekend at our online fertility expo, as we have such an amazing line up of fertility experts who have all prepared fascinating presentations for you

The virtual doors to the expo will be opening at 3 pm (BST) on Saturday. If you head to the virtual auditorium, you will see a list of speakers and presentation topics.

Once you have watched a presentation, you can head to the expert Q&A lounge and ask the expert any further questions you may have.

So what can you expect to see?

Saturday, 3 October

Please note that all timings are in BST, click here to check timing in your location

3 PM: Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD will be discussing all things nutrition and fertility.

3.30 PM: Dr Meski from IVF Spain discusses the question “Should I try with my own eggs one last time?”

4 PM: Candace Clark Trinchieri tells her own fertility story as a woman of colour.

5 PM: Dimitris Kavakas from Redia IVF and Dr. Francisco Anaya Blanes from UR Vistahermosa clinic in Alicante discuss the odds of IVF working the first time around and the cost implications.

5.30 PM: Dr. Edward Coats from Oxford Fertility discusses “Embryo transfer – is it an art or is it a science?”.

6 PM: IVF patient Carrie looks back at her journey with her IVF coordinator and discusses the process of traveling abroad for her treatment.

6.30 PM: Jay Palumbo, “TTC warrior” talks about the importance of empathy when you are going through IVF.

7 PM: Andreia Trigo offers incredible coping techniques to help you deal with the realisation that you need a donor.

8 PM:Dr. Mark Trolice talks about Infertility Options for women with PCOS.

9 PM: Petra Dach from Extraordinary Conceptions discusses the egg donation and surrogacy process.

9.30 PM: Allison Marschean talks about her experience as a woman TTC in the US military.

Sunday 4th October

10.30 AM Kirsten McLennan tells us about her own fertility journey via surrogacy.

11.00 AM. Dr. Michael Kiriakidis, Reproductive gynaecologist, and Achilleas Papatheodorou clinical embryologist from Embryolab discuss male infertility.

11.30 AM Vickie Budden on the benefits of acupuncture and wellbeing

12.00 PM  Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD discusses  IVF and the effects on your hormones and stress levels.

12.30 PM. Ian Stones and Toby Trice discuss the incredible work they are doing to bring more awareness to male fertility.

1.00 PM  The team from Clinica Tambre answer our questions about how an IVF clinic operates in these Covid times.

1.30 PM. Anya Sizer from the Fertility Network talk about the important role they can play in your fertility journey.

2.00 PM: Geeta Nargund discusses Mild IVF.

2.30 PM. Dr Serena Chen discusses genetic teting

3 00 PM. Dr Mariano Mascarenhas from The Fertility PArtnership answers the question “What are the 10 most important lifestyle choices for IVF success?”

3.30 PM. Dr Larisa Corda discusses pregnancy for women over 40

4.00 PM. James Nicopoullos from the Lister Fertility Clinic answers your questions in the expert Q7A lounge.

5.00 PM. Tracey Sainsbury discusses the importance of self-care during fertility treatment

5.30 PM. Jessica Hepburn tells us about her own fertility journey.

6.00 PM. Joyce Harper discusses “From the menstrual cycle to the menopause”, looking at age-related fertility decline and the menopause. What is important about the menstrual cycle? What is the fertile window?

If you haven’t yet visited the expo, take a look here

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