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What happens to an IVF clinic over Christmas?

Christmas and New Year is a wonderful holiday celebrated by millions of people across the globe. It is the time of year when we close our computers, draw the curtains, and hunker down with our families. For many, work and future plans resume once the Christmas tree comes down and the fresh year begins

But what happens if you are going through an IVF cycle right now? What happens if you are having treatment so close to the holidays? What happens if you need to talk to your IVF team over the Christmas period?

We turned to the team at iGin Fertility Clinic and asked them to put us at ease:

Does your clinic close over the Christmas and New Year period? 

This may sound unusual but iGin opens all year round, regardless of the time of the year. We really do keep the same opening schedule as during the rest of the year, being operative during the whole month of December. This way, there is no need to postpone treatments or put them on hold. This makes everything easier, particularly for our international patients who, in some cases, need to take advantage of holiday periods to travel. Although there will not be regular consultations during Christmas Day, the clinic is open for procedures such as egg retrievals and embryo transfers as usual.

What happens to the lab should your clinic ever need to close? Who would make sure the embryos are being looked after?! 

The work is organized in a way that there is always a team of biologists in the lab taking care of both the embryos and the technology that makes their work possible. At the moment, iGin’s lab is equipped with the Embryoscope+ which combines the latest technology with Artificial Intelligence (IDAScore algorithm, being the only clinic in northern Spain that incorporates this innovative system), and that together with the expertise of our specialists, allows us to ensure the safety of all lab procedures.

When do you start your last round of IVF for a patient in 2021? Do you ensure all treatment is completed ahead of Christmas Day?

Since we are open during the festive period, there is no need to set deadlines for our patients to start a round of IVF. At iGin, we prioritize initiating a cycle when the right moment comes: both from the medical point of view and considering the availability and preference of our patients without having to stick to specific dates.

What happens if a patient urgently needs to speak to a member of your team? Do you have an “emergency line”?

There is an emergency line in place throughout the year. In addition, our international patients always have a direct line to contact their coordinators for emergencies. This is a service that operates all year round.

Have you got many patients lined up for 2022?

There are patients who chose to wait until the new year to start their IVF treatments, however, this is always due to their personal preference/availability.

What advice and guidance do you have for patients who are waiting to start treatment in the new year?

We believe it is important not to delay the start of an IVF treatment. For those patients who are hesitating to start the process now, we always encourage them to schedule their first consultation as soon as possible even if they are not planning to start immediately. This way, they receive all the relevant information and are able to start preparing themselves psychologically for the process. This is also particularly useful when patients have underlaying conditions that need to be controlled before the start of the treatment since medical advice can be given ahead of time.

To get in touch with a member of the team at iGin, drop them a line by clicking here

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