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Your wellbeing and helping to boost your chances of success

When you discover that you have fertility issues, it can hit you hard. This is why IVF babble have put together a whole section on your wellbeing. We’re not just talking about your physical health, we look at...

Three superfoods that boost sperm count

One of the most common causes of male infertility is a low sperm count, affecting around one in three couples who are struggling to get pregnant. So we thought we’d take a look at what foods can help to...

Do we need to ditch the things we love at a time when we need them the most?

As if being told that needing IVF wasn’t stressful enough, we are now reading that not only should we not have a glass of wine, drink caffeine, light a scented candle or use our regular skin care products, we...

Looking after your emotional wellbeing during IVF and how counselling can help

“If there is one thing I would do differently, if I had to do my IVF all over again, is that I would have counselling. For some reason, this is something that I just didn’t even consider back when...

BMI and IVF, why does it matter?

In recent times there has been lots of stories about women being told to lose weight to help them get pregnant One in particular stands out in which a 17-stone woman was told by her doctor that she needed to...

We ask nutritionist Melanie Brown, can food improve my mental health?

By Melanie Brown, nutritionist specialising in fertility Mental health is very much in the news at the moment, from the open and frank discussions by Princes William and Harry, to the dangers of long-term...

Should I change my beauty regime during IVF?

Starting IVF brings so many questions. Big, small, medical, practical, financial, and emotional Angela Clancy, the nursing coordinator at Oxford Fertility, answers the most common beauty regime questions you...

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It is important to look after yourself while going through fertility treatment

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Discover more on the importance of nutrition while trying to conceive

Fitness and fertility

Find out more on fitness while trying to conceive and the importance of BMI

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Learn more on acupuncture, reflexology, meditation and more

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Trying to conceive and with fertility treatment too, you can feel so many emotions.. We are here for you.

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