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Water and its incredible benefits

Hydration is so important for everyone, let alone someone trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy

I am surrounded by quite a few friends and family who love to drink plain water, but I have to admit I have never personally been a great water drinker! I hate to admit that I have always found it to be a boring drink and in my reticence to drink it probably haven’t done myself any favours!

Wine, fizzy drinks, tea, coffee – all easy to drink, not so good though . . . and then that bland water, nope! Not my bag!

When Ben and I decided to go for the second and last IVF attempt, I decided to throw myself into it – in all ways – and to also try and do what I’d been advised for years, to drink more water!

But how could I make it more interesting – something that would entice me to want to drink it!!

So I started adding lemon. At first I wasn’t sure at all, but after a few attempts, I started to like it! Then tried it with lime too . . . and then mint . . . then mint and lime . . . and then a separate taste of just water and a touch of blueberries . . . and then lemon and ginger. I would add these ingredients into a chilled glass bottle of water. Not only were the ingredients great on their own, but some of them together actually tasted great too!

So why is water so important for you and what benefits does it offer . . . here are a few for starters!

Water flowing through your body stimulates circulation and improves egg health.

Cervical mucus may sound a little out there, but it is a vital component to fertility as its needed for the sperm to successfully make its way to the egg!

We’re all exposed to toxins and have plenty of them floating around our bodies which potentially cause issues with our fertility.  Water helps move them along!

Drinking plenty of water can aid weight loss

It can also help to maintain a healthy hormonal balance which is also important for fertility

So it’s definitely worth drinking water!!! . . . and yes, I did fall pregnant and continued to drink it through pregnancy too.

To this day, I love to drink a squeezed lemon in water  . . . a glass before bed and same again on waking.

So for those of you out there who are not too keen on ‘water’ . . . jazz it up! You will get used to it – if I can, anyone can, believe me – and the benefits are too good not to try.



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