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Valerie Landis and all things egg freezing

We were thrilled to meet Valerie Landis, founder of eggsperience.com at a conference in  Chicago back in 2017, as she is a genius when it comes to all things egg freezing.

The eggsperience website includes blogs, testimonials, books, videos, podcasts and other content to teach, educate and inspire women who are considering freezing their eggs or want to preserve their fertility.

We were even more thrilled when Valerie agreed to join us at IVF babble to educate us about oocyte cryopreservation to motherhood.

In her first article for us, Valerie gives us the low down on why she setup her website.

Hello IVF babblers!

My name is Valerie Landis and I have been working in the women’s healthcare field for the last decade within the fertility and medical field. I call Chicago home, but my work has required a lot travel over the years across the United States and Europe. I spend a large amount of my time networking, building relationships and partnerships with fertility physicians and clinics.

As a fertility advocate, I focus on guiding women of any reproductive age through the complex and challenging paths of fertility decisions.

I merged my medical career and fertility passion when I founded my educational website called eggsperience.com after freezing my eggs for my 33rd birthday.

It was a present to my future self and a family planning option I wanted to make sure I took advantage of the amazing ability to give myself the most options of having a family some day. I was fortunate that my career educated me along the way and I had time to deal with the emotional aspects of fertility.

During my first egg freezing experience, I was able to successfully retrieve 22 beautiful eggs that resulted in 17 successfully frozen via vitrification (fast-freezing) in 2015.

It was an empowering decision and one I’m happy I completed. I am currently planning to freeze again soon to collect more eggs for my future. Many ask me why I would freeze again after having good results already and I like to explain how I want to give myself the most options and the ability to change my mind to create a family as possible. I know the advantages of egg freezing and freezing eggs at a younger age.

Working within the medical industry has taught me extensively about fertility. I hope that by starting the conversation about protecting our futures with educated non-bias and fact-based information, women will feel inspired, brave, and act progressively today. It is my mission to help you learn about your options and make the right choice for you.

I believe egg freezing and the path to parenthood is a personal choice, but education is the key to having it all.

I speak openly about my own personal egg freezing journey, experience, and family planning decisions to show you a real life example of these choices as well as highlight a collection of other women’s first-hand accounts from their unique journeys to motherhood or egg freezing to provide you an array of examples.

Over the next several months to come, I plan to cover articles about why you should consider egg freezing to how to prepare for a cycle to choosing a sperm donor or single motherhood by choice to what you should do after you freeze.

Along the way we will talk about important health topics like birth control, your cycle, avoiding STIs/STDs, safer sex, and managing severe health issues like endometriosis.

I hope these topics guide your decisions and help you to think about your reproductive future.

I look forward to your questions and helping you find your fertility path to parenthood.

You can also message or follow me through my eggsperience social pages

Are you considering egg freezing? Do you have any questions for Valerie or any one of our experts? We would love to hear from you.




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