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US to mark National Infertility Awareness Week (April 18-24)

Millions of Americans will come together from April 18 to mark National Infertility Awareness Week, a movement that looks to address the stigma and taboos associated with fertility issues

RESOLVE: The National Fertility Association will rally the fertility community to raise awareness about the significant lack of access to family planning options and the emotional support for millions of women and men struggling to build a family.

Barbara Collura, CEO of RESOLVE: The National Fertility Association said the charity was looking forward to empowering people to share their stories during the awareness week.

She said: “The collective power of our stories can change policies, make someone realise they are not alone, and help erase the stigmas and biases so many people face.”

During the week there will be several ways in which people can get involved, including using the hashtags #NIAW2021 and #WhatIwantYouToKnow and uploading a different photo or video each day on social media in what is being called the NIAW five-day challenge.

Actress and self-titled ‘egg-vocate’ Kellee Stewart will host an event discussing how to talk about the issues facing the fertility community with storytelling expert and senior peloton instructor, Christine D’Ercole. The discussion will take place during the United for RESOLVE Virtual Event.

Advocates who are raising awareness in unique ways will also share their stories

New data on attitudes of employers on family building and infertility benefits from Mercer’s National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans will be released and members of the infertility community will share their stories and lead the conversation about challenges to family building and methods of resolution.

NIAW became a federally recognised health observance by the Department of Health and Human Services in 2010. RESOLVE can provide experts for interviews on all aspects of infertility, as well as personal patient stories from women and men living with infertility.

To find out more visit resolve.org and for more information on NIAW at infertilityawareness.org.


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