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US model Chrissy Teigen launches campaign to help those with fertility issues

To mark the National Infertility Awareness Week, model and author Chrissy Teigen has launched the Fertility Out Loud campaign to help those struggling to conceive

The mother-of-two has battled with her own fertility journey and just a few months ago lost her third child with musician, John Legend, a son they called Jack, at just 20 weeks.

The experience was devastating for the pair who were open about their painful journey and grief on their Instagram pages.

But Chrissy wanted to do something positive and has joined forces with Resolve: The National Infertility Association to encourage women to be more open about their own path to parenthood.

She told Reuters: “This was obviously a no-brainer to be able to speak to women that are going through issues that I went through, the confusion that I went through as a young woman struggling with infertility, to give them a safe haven.

“There is still a stigma attached to it. There is still this privacy that people want with it and the shame or the guilt.”

She spoke about her experience of holding her newborn son and the feelings she had at the time.

The 36-year-old said: “When I was in the hospital going through the blood transfusions, I was sharing everything and bringing everyone long for the ride and I didn’t know where that ride would end up at all. But I did know that when we did lose him, that it would be something that we would share.

“It was the most real thing we would ever possibly go through in front of people and I knew how helpful it would be, so to me it was important.”

To read the full interview, visit Reuters

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