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US lifestyle blogger Lauren Scruggs opens up about IVF journey

US lifestyle blogger Lauren Scruggs has spoken candidly in an interview about her IVF journey with her husband, television presenter Jason Kennedy

Talking to People magazine, Lauren said her IVF was a ‘blessing’ and they would be ‘transferring sometime soon’.

The couple has been charting their journey on their social media platforms since they began fertility treatment earlier in 2021.

The 32-year-old said: “I’m committed to this journey, and it’s a blessing, no matter what, because this could result in something so incredible.

“It’s such an amazing method of enhancing your fertility and having a sweet baby come into the world. I’m really trying to make the best of it by being grateful and flipping the script and just embracing it fully.”

Lauren also admitted to being an IVF twin herself and that her parents had been open about their experience.

She said: “My parents did it years ago. They’ve always been super open about it, so I feel like they’ve taught me with that as well.”

She spoke about how she had adopted a super healthy lifestyle to be in the best shape possible for fertility treatment.

The fashion blogger and author said: “I’m huge about using food as a medicine and also fully prepping your body for pregnancy.

“It’s important to have your body in the ultimate state of receiving a baby or just working as it should be in the reproductive sense.

The couple married in 2014 and has found the experience of opening up about their IVF treatment in a public way could be helping others lose the taboos attached to it, something that IVF babble advocates across the globe.

She said: “I’ve realised, actually after being open about IVF specifically, how many people have done it, even secretly or privately because they’re embarrassed to share on it. And to me, it is just the most beautiful opportunity we have to do IVF.”

Follow the couple’s journey via their Instagram accounts, @theJasonkennedy and @thelaurenkeenedy



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