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US couple fighting to get premature twins to safety from Ukraine

A US couple are desperately trying to get their newborn premature twins out of war-torn Ukraine

Alex Specktor and Irma Nunez, from Georgia, welcomed the twin boys, Lenny and Moishe, last Friday via surrogate two and a half months early and are currently in Adonis Hospital, in Kyiv after complications in the pregnancy.

The couple is doing all they can to get the twins moved to safety as staff and supplies dwindle.

Alex told the Today Show: “It is unimaginable, what can I say? The fact that they are premature plays against us – there’s a conflict.

“They need to stay put. We need to get them out.”

The main issue they are facing is getting the transport to transfer the twins, who are experiencing breathing difficulties, to another hospital with a bomb shelter.

Alex said: “The twins can’t be moved without medical support. They still need support with their breathing and monitors and any medicines and equipment in case of distress during the move.”

The couple took to social media to ask for help to move the twins and created a page on Facebook to spread the word.

In their most recent post on the page, the couple said the twins were stable and gaining a little bit of weight.

The post read: “Just a brief update as we are spending the bulk of our time and energy using your intelligence and resources to make sure Lenny and Moishe and their caregivers have what they need in Kyiv as the fighting continues. We are SO GRATEFUL for all your leads and support and are happy to have good news to share today.

Moishe and Lenny ARE STABLE and under proper care at the hospital where they were transferred. We have great trust in their doctors and are working with them and other experts to help understand how/when they can be safely evacuated. We have no evacuation plan to report at this time, but please know that many wheels are turning to make this happen.
“Now a brief health report. Our boys have started to gain weight!
Lenny arrived at the hospital at 1,820 grams. On March 2, he weighed in at 1,890 grams. Today, he reached 1,900 grams. For reference, 1 teaspoon = 5 grams. Little Lenny gained 2 teaspoons overnight!
“Moishe, meanwhile, arrived weighing in at 1,940 grams. On March 2, he reached 2,020 grams. And today, he tipped the scales at 2,045 grams! Overnight, our Moishe sees Lenny’s 2-teaspoon gain and raises him 1 tablespoon!
These are major milestones for our sweet, sweet boys, but Moishe and Lenny still need specialized care. We are working to secure the best hospital and doctors for them once they are evacuated.
“Despite empty store shelves, our contacts in Kyiv managed to procure and deliver almost everything on the hospital’s list of needed supplies today. The work of these dear people is invaluable, and we remain in awe of and humbled by everyone in Ukraine and around the world who organizes to get needs met, not just for our boys but for everyone affected by this war.
“We are so grateful too for your donations, earmarked thus far for supplies, transportation, and hospital care in Kyiv. We do not yet know exactly how much will be needed to pay for the evacuation effort, or for Lenny’s and Moishe’s care once they are safely out of the war zone. Please keep giving and spreading the word, if you can.”
To follow the progress of the twins, click here.




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