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US blogger Hilariously Infertile to host Boston comedy night to raise funds for fertility charities

US blogger Hilariously Infertile will host a second comedy night in Boston to raise funds for two worthwhile charities

The first event of its kind was held in New York and was a resounding success and all the proceeds went to the Baby Quest Foundation, a charity that offers financial support to people struggling with their fertility in the US.

The blogger, who prefers to remain anonymous, but calls herself Karen, said: “I started the Hilariously Infertile Comedy Night in NYC because I wanted people to get out and laugh a little while going through infertility. The show was such a hit (sold out) that I decided to start taking it on the road.

“Boston seemed the next best city, and since I have family there, it would be easy for me to do a show there.”

The blogger became a mother of two after a fertility struggle and to cope with the process her husband suggested she write a book about her experience

The Boston comedy night will benefit two charities; the Baby Quest Foundation and Resolve New England, which is a New England specific branch of our National Infertility Awareness Organisation.

Karen said: “This venue is much larger than NYC was and I hope to fill it with patients, friends, families and practitioners alike, so everyone can feel connected to each other and to this common cause; which is to not only talk about, but laugh out loud about, infertility.”

The event will take place on Sunday, November 10 at the Regent Theatre, in Arlington and for tickets for the event, click here



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