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UK couple will spend Postcode Lottery win on IVF

A couple lucky enough to win £30,000 on the Postcode Lottery plan to spend the funds having a second IVF baby

Ellie and Cameron Hinton, from Bristol, found out about their lottery win via video call with Postcode Lottery ambassador Judie McCourt.

Ellie told the Bristol Post: “We’ve just had a baby this year via IVF, so if we want another baby, that will definitely go towards that, which will be lovely.”

The couple had plans for a second baby on hold due to the cost of IVF.

The pair, who work as a midwife and obstetrician respectively at Southmead Hospital, met eight years ago when they were on shift delivering babies on Christmas Day.

The couple found out they would need help to conceive, so they turned to their parents for financial support.

The lottery win means they can now gain access to IVF much sooner than they thought.

Ellie said: “The money means the world to us as we know it’s there if we need to fund further IVF.”

The pair will also use some of the money to extend their home.

Seven of the couple’s neighbours were also winners of the Postcode Lottery.

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