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TwoDadsUK® join forces with Manchester Fertility, the Northern Centre of Excellence for Surrogacy

February sees us recognise LGBTQ History month here in the UK, and what better way to honour the work supporting LGBTQ family building than the latest partnership from TwoDadsUK® and Manchester Fertility

Michael and Wes are known for their hard work in the family building and inclusivity space with a number of projects, successes and businesses specialising in this field which is why we are excited to follow this journey with multi award winning fertility clinic Manchester Fertility. ( You can read their latest blog spotlighting the amazing work Manchester Fertility do to support Surrogacy here)

As one of the first fertility clinics in the UK, the team have helped thousands of people fulfil their dreams of starting a family. In the three decades since they first opened their doors, they have built up the knowledge and experience to become one of the UK’s leading fertility clinics. Whilst the clinic has experience with surrogacy already, this latest partnership has been created to support even more, and pay attention to the patient profile and patient experience when you’re a gay man, bi man, trans man, or a queer intended parent.

The fact the clinic want to improve, develop and have ambitions become a centre of excellence in the north of England is a real joy to hear

For us, patient satisfaction is everything (just look at their website to see the incredible patient ratings). Joint MD’s, Jonathan Koslover and Dr Debbie Falconer have shaped the clinic to become an enviable contender for a leading surrogacy clinic. When I first visited the clinic I was first taken aback by the unusual but intentional location. A lush green business park (yes, I said that right) in Cheshire, not too far away from Manchester as the name gives away. With ample parking and a warm northern welcome as you enter the building, greeted by the wonderful duo. From there you head upstairs to the main reception. With a non-clinical, calming welcome, with private curved seating areas designed to give everyone the space and privacy they may want or need. Subtle touches throughout the clinic make this experience feel less about the reason you’re there and more about the wellbeing of the soul who’s chosen to be there. Have a nose at their team.

“This wonderful partnership with TwoDadsUK and My Surrogacy Journey is our absolute commitment to all our patients seeking surrogacy. We need to evolve and improve patient support, to make sure the clinic provides an unrivalled patient experience in the North of England. This is a very exciting time for us all…”

Jonathan Koslover (Joint MD)

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be getting to know the team better. If you follow our socials you’ll soon see the brand that is Manchester Fertility brought to life by us in our own unique way. We will chat to their Donation coordinators, Doctors and Fertility Nurses. you’ll hear why Manchester Fertility is the northern clinic you should be considering when looking into surrogacy in the UK. Very exciting times indeed.

For more information on their surrogacy programme check out their website or contact them on 0161 958 6112.



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