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Two Incredible Stress and Relief Tools to use in our Journey to Motherhood

My name is Monica Bivas, I am a Mindset & Holistic Fertility Coach. I am not a famous individual or an influencer, I am a regular woman, Latina and proud of it

I am an IVF warrior and veteran with a story to tell and the aim to inspire other women and couples that are struggling to conceive. My own story had a lot of ups and downs, and tears, but thankfully took me to the beautiful place I am now and inspired me to not only become a coach, but to become an author. Yes! I wrote the Book The IVF Planner, and I will be launching my Coloring book Ranting Doodles, in mid may 2021 G-d Willing.

My journey helped me to discover that during infertility, we must create or find our (in) fertility tool kit

One of the things my (in) fertility tool kit had when I created it was Coloring Books and journaling. It truly made my journey a bit easier as well as helping my self discovery through my struggle. As I always say, my pain became my purpose, and that’s why I decided to write this article on the benefits of Art Therapy and journaling.

Art Therapy and Journaling are empowering and supportive tools that can be used during any time of stress in our lives.

As a Mindset & Holistic Fertility Coach and from my own struggle towards motherhood, I found out that anything related to creativity was extremely helpful during my journey.

TTC is stressful. Whether you are trying naturally or you are having fertility treatment, you will no doubt experience anxiety, stress and self-doubt.

So, from my own experience and difficulties I had during my Fertility Journey (5 cycles of IVF to be more exact), I realize that one of many tools I could use to relief stress and keep my mind occupied with peace and some ease was Journaling and Art Therapy.

Art therapy can be something form coloring pages, to knitting, to oil painting, to pottery or anything that can wake up the creativity side of our brains. For me, coloring was my favorite, as well as journaling. (The IVF Planner has journaling space and the 2WW chapter has a mandala for each day of this crucial and stressful time).

These two tools are very effective for stress relief

They also are a form of mindfulness and meditation. It allows us to get out of our head from that anxiety and worry and look within our hearts, look within this sacred space that is our core.

They help us visualize somehow the beauty of creativity and tuned in with our intuition and unique core essence, it gives us space to focus on creating and by itself uplift our physical body, our mind, emotions and spiritual side. Creativity helps to release serotonin, our happy hormone, and guess what? We all think that serotonin is in its biggest amounts in our brain, but is not, 70% of our serotonin is released in our gut, so imagine how much we can help our reproductive organs (which are located in our abdomen where the gut is)if we are happy, the serotonin releases there, and by default I will say, our womb and ovaries and sacred reproductive part will be happy too, ready to receive and ready to conceive).

It is a lovely and fun way to bring calm and ease especially when we are anxious and doubtful, which is very common during a fertility journey.

Art therapy & Journaling keeps us in the present moment. It teaches us to be aware that we can’t control the actual situation, but what we can control is the way we react.

Try to stop for a moment. When you feel stressed, give 15 or 20 minutes to all the thoughts you have, no matter if they are negative or not. If you feel you want to cry, scream, rant, vent, do so, the best way to bring positivity and creativity to our lives, is by being aware of what we feel when we are walking a very difficult path, because when we do it, we are recognize that we are vulnerable.

So, give yourself a hug, nourish yourself, look around you, and wake up that little child we all still have inside and create!!!

As always with love and Light,

Monica Bivas

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