With the internet full of misinformation about the facts of IVF and surrogacy and the causes of infertility, this is your opportunity to ask leading experts the questions you are desperate to know the answer to. Our experts are here to help.

Covering infertility, IVF, surrogacy, nutrition, fitness, Chinese medicine, meditation, yoga and much more.

Responses to questions will be posted on IVFbabble.com  as a help to others in a similar situation. Please be patient as it may take a while to get to your question.

Please understand that a website cannot replace a full consultation. Without a full history and examination, review of diagnostic tests such as blood tests & ultrasound, it would be impossible to give a conclusive response.

Due to the high number of questions being posed to our experts, please read other Q&As before submitting your query to find out if a similar question has been answered before.

If you have a question for one of our experts, you can get in touch by sending an email to askanexpert@ivfbabble.com

If there is a fertility or IVF topic that you would like more information on that has not been covered on IVFbabble.com or by our experts, please email your question to us and we will research this information for you. Email us on info@ivfbabble.com

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