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Today Show host Kristen Welker to welcome baby girl via surrogate

The weekend host of US chat show, the Today Show, Kristen Welker has written an emotional open letter to her unborn daughter

The 44-year-old has spent years trying to conceive with her husband, John Hughes, and announced they were expecting via the help of a surrogate. The pair will welcome their daughter in June 2021.

During National Infertility Awareness Week, the Philadelphia native revealed the pain and loneliness she felt going through her fertility journey with John.

The couple married in 2017 and being 40 at the time, Kristen said they began trying for a baby immediately, but after three years of fertility treatment, the pair were told they needed the help of a surrogate.

The letter was published on the Today.com website and spells out exactly how excited the couple is to welcome the baby they have so wanted for many years.

Kristen said: “I share this letter with you so that you know – from your very first breath – your special journey to this earth was nothing short of extraordinary.

“Your story is one that your Daddy and I will always be proud of and celebrate. It is a reminder of how much we cherish you.”

Kristen goes onto talk about the journey the couple had been on and how they had got to where they are today.

The pair endured several rounds of IVF before they began their surrogacy journey, something they are both grateful for. Kristen explains that the couple were devastated with the news that she would not be able to carry a baby.

She said: “Your daddy and I have learned so many lessons trying to bring you here and we want to share them with you: every journey is unique; don’t compare yourself to others. There will be heartbreaks in life; some won’t ever fully heal; in fact, it can be empowering. Families are all made in different ways, come in all different shapes and sizes, and all families should be celebrated. And finally, while I didn’t carry you in my body, I have always carried you in my heart and I will always be your mummy.”

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