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TLC’s Rattled stars Aly and Josh Taylor discuss their journey to parenthood

A US couple have completed their family by having three children in 16 months after overcoming cancer, infertility and deciding on adoption

Aly and Josh Taylor, who are childhood sweethearts, were devastated when at just 24 Aly was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.

Due to the aggressive nature of the cancer there was no time for Aly to preserve her fertility and was told by doctors she was likely to be left infertile by the chemotherapy treatment.

She endured 16 rounds of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and radiotherapy.

Once the treatment was completed Aly was told she was cancer-free but that it was likely that her cancer would return within five years. This did not deter the couple who were determined to realise their dream of having a family.

They visited a fertility specialist and were told that due to Aly’s cancer treatment her eggs had been badly damaged and she would need to look at using a donor to have children.

The couple leaned on each other for support during this time and after much discussion the pair decided to go down the adoption route

In March 2015, the couple welcomed into their home newborn, Genevieve, and it felt like their world was complete.

Just nine months later, Aly said she started to feel unwell with flu-like symptoms after an infection called lymphedema.

To her total surprise and delight she realised she was pregnant – something doctors said was almost impossible due to her cancer treatment.

“About a week later I was still feeling nauseous and gross and I had an old paper pregnancy test,” Aly said during an appearance on NBC’s Today Show.

Josh said: “We were told medically, ‘you will not get pregnant, it’s not going to work and so for us it is clearly a miracle.”

A month into the pregnancy the couple were contacted by Genevieve’s birth mother to tell them she was pregnant again and would they adopt the baby.

The couple agreed and nine months later, their biological daughter, Vera was born and just 11 days later they welcomed Lydia into their home.

The parents-of-three told their story to a new TLC programme, called Rattled, that featured four couples who struggled with their experiences of having a family.

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The couple have also shared their story in a book called Aly’s Fight: Rattled By Life but Firm in Faith



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