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The incredible moment only those unable to conceive naturally will witness

I am writing to you having listened to your Q&A with Dr Izquierdo from IVF Spain the other day. You asked Dr Izquierdo if there was anything a woman could do on transfer day to enhance her chances of success. He replied that the most important thing a woman could do on transfer day, was to be in the present. So that is exactly what I did

I stopped thinking about tomorrow and focused on the present, and as I did, I witnessed the most incredible sight I will ever see in my life.

I am however on the IVF rollercoaster, so before I tell you about that wonderful moment, I want to stress that as I type, I the sense of calm and being in the present is starting to fade as I creep into the dreaded two week wait to find out if my precious little embryo has stuck. In fact, I couldn’t be any further from being “present”. I keep flipping between incredible, glorious thoughts of being pregnant, to then horrible, heartbreaking thoughts of never becoming a mother. 

My journey up until this point has been tough, arduous, emotional and expensive, but I’m here, and I worked hard, and there was nothing more that I could do on the day of transfer other than be in the present.

So, I thought I would share with you, the moment I put a hold on my fear – the only moment throughout my fertility journey that I stopped, and lived in the moment

The day was perfect. As the alarm went off in the morning, I turned to my husband and said “this is the day we are going to get pregnant!!”. 

I had already packed my bag and laid out my clothes, which of course included my lucky socks, and my most comfortable underpants. After a hot cup of tea, my husband said “right, let’s do this”. We had been given quite an early appointment, thank goodness, so we were at the hospital by 9am. My husband held so tightly on to my hand until the nurse told me to get in to a gown. I think he was more nervous than I was.

 I took a long, deep breath and smiled. I was ready to join forces with my little embryo – my little baby

 The transfer room was so calm. It was quite dimly lit, and the most beautiful classical music was playing.

For the first time on my journey, the space  didn’t feel medical – it felt magical

I laid back on the bed whilst the medical team prepared everything. I knew the embryologist was just about to pass over my embryo to the doctor and I honestly could have burst into tears. The anticipation was overwhelming. Then my doctor said calmly, take a look at the screen. As I looked at the screen, I felt like I was staring at a beautiful starry night. It was of course my uterus on the ultrasound machine, but in that moment, it was a sky full of stars.

Then all of a sudden there it was – my beautiful little shooting star. My embryo, travelling through the starry night. My little girl, or boy, on its way. It was the most incredible sight I have ever witnessed – it was the sight of hope, love and energy.   

So, although infertility sucks, this is a beautiful moment that only us IVF warriors will get to see

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