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The different roles of an amazing IVF team

When you think about IVF and the treatment you are about to receive, it’s common to think about one person and one person only – the doctor. However, just as they say it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire team to create a baby in the IVF clinic 

So, who should you expect to meet in the IVF clinic on your journey? We turned to the team at iGin fertility clinic and asked them to introduce us to the team.

Over to the team….

Well, as you rightly say, it takes more than the doctor to help you achieve your dream of parenthood. The IVF process requires a skilled team of experts who will be there for you from the moment you call the clinic, all the way through to the next stage after taking your pregnancy test.

The journey starts with a patient coordinator, of which we have several

Let us introduce you to one of them, Silvia. The patient coordinator is the “glue”. He or she will keep you on track throughout your journey, and be there for you, to answer any questions and ease your concerns should you have any.

“Hi, my name is Silvia and I am one of the Coordinators for English speaking patients at iGin’s International Department.

As coordinators, our mission is to assist our international patients from the moment they first contact the clinic until the first stages into their pregnancy. We are basically the link between our patients and the Doctors. Our tasks include translating during remote or face to face consultations, escorting our patients during their visits to the clinic, and solving any problem they may have during treatment.”


Next, we have our nurses. Please meet Begoña

“Hello! My name is Begoña. I am a Nurse at iGin.Our responsibility is to offer all the auxiliary medical assistance during fertility treatments. For example, we take blood draws or assist the gynecologist during consultations and procedures. We will also show you how to take your injectable medication.”



Our doctors/reproductive gynecologists will create your IVF plan (if IVF is the appropriate course of action for you) following a full diagnosis and consultation

“Hello, my name is Iñigo Davalillo and I am a Gynecologist specialized in Assisted Reproduction. I would like you to know that, no matter how difficult your case is, we are able to help. At iGin, we have the best technology and professionals to help you achieve your dream. We will design a personalized treatment so you will be able to have your baby in your arms as soon as possible. See you soon.”


The role of the embryologist plays such a vital role in the IVF journey

He/she is responsible for selecting the healthiest eggs, sperm and embryos. They monitor the lab closely, and carry out procedures such as ICSI, PGS testing, and assisted hatching. They are also responsible for the most precious moment for an IVF transfer – after selecting the best quality embryos, they load them into the transfer catheter,  then carefully hand them over to the fertility specialist to deposit the embryos safely into the uterus.

“My name is Fernando, one of the Embryologists at iGin. Here at the andrology laboratory, we perform the capacitation of the sperm samples to optimize reproductive cycles. This is where we select the best sperms to obtain the best quality embryos possible. For this, we are aided with the most advanced and modern technologies.”


“Hello, I am Aida, Head of the IVF laboratory at iGin. At the lab, our main task is to retrieve the oocytes and fertilize them with the sperm sample. These are cultured in the newest technology incubators until they reach blastocyst stage, which ensures a higher implantation rate.

Thanks to our expertise, the use of the latest technology and our dedication, we are able to achieve the highest pregnancy rates.”


So you see, it really is a team of skilled experts that make dreams come true. If you would like to speak to a member of the IVF team at iGin, click here




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