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SYB – Shield Your Body

SYB makes technology safer.

We empower people to live healthier by providing accurate, honest, accessible information, and EMF products based on real science. Our core values are: honesty, accuracy, quality and belief in science

There are literally thousands of high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific studies linking EMF exposure with many negative health effects— cancer, infertility, melatonin suppression, blood brain barrier leakage, and many more.

The technology that emits EMF radiation continues to grow at an exponential rate, meaning that human exposures to EMF continue — and will continue — to grow exponentially into the future. The trend line of exponential growth of human-made EMF is not going to stop.

EMF-emitting technology forms the entire basis for modern society. 

The health risks of EMF exposure are quite unique and distinct from other health risks.

Our entire world — every single aspect of the global economy — is completely and fundamentally dependent on EMF emitting technologies.  But unless we’re all willing to go back to the 1850s, we’re stuck with EMF exposure as a fundamental fact of life.

If you want to live and participate in modern society, if you want a job, or to read after sunset, or to refrigerate your food, or to see a movie, you’re going to be exposed to EMF— and in exponentially increasing doses, as more and more of this technology is rolled out.

Whether you’re talking about light bulbs or cell phones or wifi routers or power lines— you just can’t get rid of that stuff; EMF is here to stay. But, that’s not the whole story. Because there are safer ways to use this technology — to live a healthier life in a world blanketed by human-made EMF.

All it takes is knowing more about EMF and wireless technology. That’s the education part of SYB’s mission that we focus so much time and effort on, and it’s why I always say the best EMF protection is free. Then, there are also ways to create products that make it safer to use modern technology – to Shield Your Body from EMF radiation.

After all, the fundamental technology to block EMF radiation has been around for almost two centuries— since the creation of the Faraday cage in 1836.

Today, advances in technology make it possible to make EMF shielding very small— so small, it can be woven into thin pieces of fabric to deflect EMF.

SYB designs products to make it easier for you and people like you to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation without giving up your technology.

SYB Boxer Briefs – incredibly comfortable way to block up to 99% EMF / EMR radiation from cell phones, laptops, WIFI routers, Bluetooth and other wireless devices from your body and reproductive organs.

Our radiation blocking Boxer Briefs is a product of science, not superstition. By weaving a mesh of silver microfibres through our cotton underwear, we create an effective Faraday Cage which prevents up to 99% of all wireless EMF radiation from passing through.

5G Phone Shield – protective 5G Phone Shield uses well established science. Inside is a layer of fabric, interwoven with gossamer thin metallic threads that form a shield to deflect EMF radiation, working much like a Faraday cage. The powerful shielding material that lines the middle of the 5G Phone Shield deflects up to 99.9% of cell phone radiation – ​including 5G​.

Laptop Pad – powerful, convenient and affordable way to Shield Your Body from all of your laptop’s harmful EMF radiation and heat emissions. Couldn’t be easier to use. Just put your laptop, tablet or other device on your Pad while you work. That’s it! Now you’re protected!

The Laptop Pad does not interfere with your computer or tablet’s normal operation and does not cause over-heating. It simply deflects the harmful radiation and heat from the bottom of your laptop away from your lap, body and reproductive organs.

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