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Stephen Hendry reveals IVF journey

Snooker star Stephen Hendry has revealed in his new autobiography him and his wife, Mandy had a devastating still birth before an IVF journey to have two children

The book, Me and The Table, is being serialised in the Mirror and the 49-year-old discusses the utter heartache the couple went through to have a second child.

Stephen, known as ‘the golden boy of snooker’, described the moment in 2003 when he was playing in the quarter final of the Snooker World Championships and got a phone call from Mandy to say the baby had died inside her.

The couple had conceived Blaine in 1996 and had dearly wanted to add to their family

He said: “Any disappointment I feel after my quarter final defeat in the 2003 World Championship is dwarfed by a phone call from Mandy. She is in tears and her words shock me to the core.”

They had tried IVF three times before the tragedy.

Mandy had to go into hospital to give birth to their stillborn son, they named Joseph, and the couple held a funeral service at the church near their home.

The following year the couple announced they were expecting their third child, Carter.

Stephen and Mandy, who had been childhood sweethearts, sadly separated in 2014 after he fell for children’s entertainer, Lauren Thundow.

Me and the Table is out now, published by John Blake.



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