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STAGE 7 | Embryo fertilization and development.

Your precious eggs will now be placed in special fluid and stored in an incubator. They will then be mixed with your partner’s sperm and left for 16 – 20 hours to fertilise.

If the sperm count is low or not great quality, you may be offered ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). This is where the sperm is injected directly into the egg. This can greatly improve the chances of fertilisation.Over the next few days, the fertilised eggs turn into embryos.

An embryologist then carefully cultivates them for up to 6 days. This will maximise their chances as they progress through this critical stage.Embryos advance through several stages. When they reach the last stage, blastocyst (an embryo with a fluid filled cavity), the best embryos will be chosen for transfer.

The terminology that comes with  IVF can cause much confusion. Have a read through the article below. It will explain in more detail terms like ‘blastocyst’ and ‘assisted hatching’.

Learn more about blastocysts

Embryos, blastocysts and hatching – what does it mean?








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