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Second baby born following IVFbabble’s free IVF initiative

A second baby has been born following a free IVF cycle clinic partnership with IVF Babble

Baby boy Boet Santegoeds was born on in July after parents Sanne and Jordy entered IVFbabble’s free round of fertility treatment initiative.

The couple received their treatment from Nij Geertgen Clinic, in Holland and say the birth of their son is a dream come true.

“We are so grateful and so so happy,” said Sanne. “We now have a beautiful family and we’re so filled with love.

“We want other people to know our story and maybe feel a little bit of hope. If you’re in this position you have to believe in that one chance of making your dreams come true.

“For us Boet is a miracle and we thank IVF Babble and the clinic with all our hearts for making this possible.”

IVF Babble co-founder Tracey Bambrough said: “We are so delighted with the news that the first baby has been born following the launch of our giveaways.

“When Sara and I started the magazine we wanted to be a place people could come to for support and advice while going through the tremendous ups and downs of fertility treatment.

“Two years on to know that we have actually helped a couple become parents, the one thing they wished for above all else, is just incredible and actually makes us a bit teary.

“Sara and I both know the pain infertility can cause but stories like this can offer hope. We wish the Santegoeds family all the happiness in the world as they settle into their new life together.”

Marc Scheijven, director of IVF Centre Nij Geertgen said: “We are very happy to hear that Sanne and Jordy have become the parents of a beautiful son. We hope that all our patients can experience this great happiness. The entire staff of Nij Geertgen wishes the young family all the best.”

Through its partnerships with some of the leading IVF clinics in the world, IVF Babble have to-date given away 26 rounds of IVF to lucky couples.



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