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Sara talks to TV Presenter Gabby Logan about her IVF journey

I’ve worked with Gabby Logan, a British presenter, and a former international rhythmic gymnast many times over the years.  I have always admired the way she successfully balances a high-profile career in TV as a leading broadcaster whilst being a wife and mummy to twins

She’s also an inspiration to me because she went through IVF to have her twins and has spoken openly and honestly about her experience, offering encouragement and hope to others.

Gabby, was the decision to go ahead with IVF an easy decision to make?

It was an easy decision in the end because we wanted to have a family and doctors couldn’t tell us why we weren’t getting pregnant. We were part of the 20% of infertile couples labelled ‘unexplained infertility’. It’s a very frustrating group to belong to.

After a few years of trying and extensive tests to work out why, there was no reason. We were healthy, young and we were having sex, but nothing. Not even a delayed period. We decided to go straight for IVF as opposed to IUI because we decided that the only sure way of knowing what happened when my eggs and Kenny’s sperm met was to get them together in a dish. Also I had read and heard enough horror stories of 5 or 6 failed attempts of IVF that I thought maybe we wouldn’t hit the jackpot first time. I met with great experts and did lots of reading so it wasn’t a spur of the moment decision, it was taken with consideration and thought but in the end it was a straight forward decision.

Did you enter into IVF armed with knowledge, questions for your doctor, and having read the small print, or, like me, did you simply charge in?!

I think I read enough to have an idea of what was happening but I didn’t read scare stories. I didn’t read articles which laid the risks on the line. I think I was probably deliberately protecting myself. I had a great specialist Talha Shwaf and a brilliant gynaecologist Yuhudi Gordon and between them and our chats together I felt Kenny and I were making an informed choice.

Did you make any lifestyle changes before and during your treatment?

We were both very healthy. I was 31 years old and didn’t smoke at all or drink much, I exercise a lot and eat well. Kenny was still a professional rugby player so we were in good shape. I took extra supplements and I tried to limit unnecessary stress but aside from that it was business as usual.

Did you know anyone who had been through IVF that you could confide in, whilst you were going through your treatment? Did you want to confide in anyone?

I didn’t know anyone at the time who had been through IVF. Most of my friends hadn’t started their families and those that had seemed to get pregnant by accident. I didn’t even tell my Mum because I figured that if we had to do this more than once it could become stressful for everyone if too many people knew. That was hard as I did feel I was being deceitful and I remember taking my injections to my Mums house once and hiding them on the window ledge to keep them cool. But I wanted Kenny and I to go through this together. He was incredible and I didn’t feel we needed to share.

Do you remember how you felt going through the treatment, both physically and emotionally?

I was very lucky because I don’t think I was too badly affected hormonally or physically. I felt a little bit more tired, a little more emotional but nothing to great.

Is IVF tougher than you thought it would be?

I think I took a sports person’s mentality to it and I thought this is something I am just going to have to get through, and if I do the rewards are great.

How did you cope with the emotional strain of going through IVF whilst being a high profile face on television?

It was tough a few times when I was travelling for work or being asked to work harder than I wanted to but some how we managed it. I never intended to keep it a secret after because I was so impressed by the medical profession I didn’t want to deny the brilliant people who had helped me the credit they deserved.

Do you remember how you distracted yourself during the agony of the dreaded two week wait? Could you be distracted??

It was an all consuming and agonizing wait. I had a show of blood after 13 days and I decided that I had lost whatever was inside me. I rang Kenny who was working away in tears. But it turned out that was not the case it was a normal show apparently but that emotion seemed to all coming flooding out that day. I remember thinking as tough as I was being that it would be so hard to face the disappointment again and again. I have huge love and respect for women who have had serial failures and keep on going. It must be a monumental challenge.

Did your IVF work first time?

I am so grateful that it did work first time.

Would you share with us the incredible moment you found out you were pregnant?

I was doing a day of shopping for a new show with one of my best friends who happens to be a super stylist and we were in a shop on Bond Street (I never go there so its very odd) and the phone rang. I went under the stairs and took the call from my specialist who told me that my bloods showed I was pregnant and the markers were all good. I was still very nervous until we had a scan that this would be successful but it was an incredible moment. I rang Kenny and screamed down the phone.

Do you have any words of advice for anyone about to embark on IVF?

You have to be so aligned with your partner, I think it would be almost impossible if you were not on the same page as each other. Be as healthy and fit as possible when you start, its worth waiting a few months to get your body ready, if you get pregnant then it’s the most important thing you will ever do with it. Ask as many questions as you can too.



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