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Robbie and Ayda’s Valentine’s baby announcement

If your Valentine’s Day was full of love, affection and surprises, then you may not have had much time to spend scrolling through social media

If that was the case, you might not have seen the surprise announcement on the ‘day of love’ from Ayda Field Williams, that she and her husband Robbie Williams have welcomed their fourth child into the world!

In a beautiful Instagram post, the actress and former X Factor judge, shared an image of the feet of her three other children along with a surprise extra pair of baby feet!

Ayda said “Spot the difference… On this Valentine’s Day, we would like to celebrate love in the most awesome way”.

Their fourth child, a son called Beau Benedict Enthoven, was born to the same surrogate as their daughter, Coco, born in 2018

Ayda said on her post, “As with Coco, he is biologically ours, but born via our same incredible surrogate. We are so blessed to have our healthy son safely in our arms and are officially complete as a family”.

The couple also have daughter Theodora, born in 2012 and son Charlton, born in 2014.

The more people in the public eye speak about the different journeys and paths to parenthood, the less the stigma is attached. In turn it helps others around the world to embrace normalising the process of fertility treatments egg, sperm and embryo donation, adoption and surrogacy.

Ayda and Robbie, we wish you all the best!




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