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Recognising your emotional state and staying in control

As we head into yet another week of lockdown, we are all striving to find a sense of balance and structure. For those of us who are at home each day, it is hard to keep track of what day of the week it is, or what time it is. We don’t know about you, but we are finding ourselves standing, staring at the contents of the fridge, not really hungry, but just staring, picking at anything edible. 

We are feeling a sense of inadequacy, because we, unlike the incredible men and women on the frontline, are not saving lives. We want to do something to help, but the only thing we can do is stay at home.

We feel scared about the uncertainty of how long everything will take to ‘get back to normal’

We, like so many of you, want to feel that we are not wasting time and that we are doing something positive with our days. We have had so many emails from readers who are fearful that precious time is slipping through their fingers. They need to know that they are doing something positive for their fertility whilst they wait for clinics to reopen.

This is why we have started the wellness at home series on Instagram – with the help of our experts we want you to feel a sense of control. We want you to get into the best shape ever, by choosing the right nutritious foods, taking up yoga, light exercise, meditation and by getting the answers you need from our expert doctors.

But how do you make sure that your fears don’t take over? How do you stay calm when you have no idea when you are going to start treatment again? How do you stop your self from panicking that time is against you?

We turned to Evi Kalouta, Psychologist, at Embryolab Fertility Clinic and asked her to explain how we can try and minimise this fear. Is it possible to really stop worrying?

“The aim here is to try and maintain a perspective that is auxiliary, without suppressing our healthy reactions to the difficulty that we are experiencing.

Our daily routine has taken on a completely different form, so suddenly. We have all been told to “stay at home” for the sake of our health, our family, our society, our lives. There are of course some great bits about being told to stay in doors (staying in PJs all day, watching Netflix at 10am) but the harsh reality of job losses and canceled fertility treatment means that our fears, anxiety, anger, sorrow can of course become overwhelming.

Here are a few things that I want you to do

The most important thing to do is to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, and to recognise your emotional state. Stress can manifest itself in many ways, including sadness, tension, headaches, reduced energy, insomnia, anger and confusion. Its a good idea to keep a journal and write down when you feel low, or angry, or frustrated. Think about what triggered your mood?

Is there anything you can do to reduce these triggers?

Don’t bombard yourself with the News. Limit the amount of information and updates you receive. Stay informed, but don’t let it take over. 

Get in touch with people who resonate with you, who relax you, who you can share things with. 

Don’t try and relax with a cigarette or a drink. You are made with coping mechanisms that can help you, without necessarily hurting you.

It may not be the easiest thing to have a perfect diet while staying home, but get some balance back by putting aside a small window each day for a few stretching exercises, a little workout, a dance, whatever gets you moving!

Perspective is so important. Think long term. This period in our lives is tough, and for those who had fertility treatment postponed, it is utterly devastating, but it is only a temporary state. It will not last forever and life will resume. Clinics will reopen and you will get back on track, as hard as this is to believe right now.

Take control of the things you can control, the first being your body. Use this time to look after yourself and be the best that you can be, ready for your onward journey to parenthood

Look after yourself and stay safe


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