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Real Housewives of Beverley Hills Teddi Mellencamp urges women to be open about their fertility journey

US reality television star Teddi Mellencamp has revealed she struggled with her journey to motherhood, so much so she kept most of it hidden, even from her husband

The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills cast member told her 770,000 Instagram followers that she had to resort to IVF to conceive her first two children and experienced miscarriages and post natal depression and it was the subject of her latest podcast.

She said: “The more we talk about infertility the more people realise they are not alone. So whether you’re struggling to get pregnant or know someone who has, join me as I welcome knowledgeable doctors, specialists and women currently on their journeys, to discuss it all.”

Teddi, 38, recently announced she had fallen pregnant naturally with her third child. Her older two children, Slate, six and five-year-old, Cruz, were conceived following IVF treatment and said she suffered mood swings and miscarriage during the process.

She said it took a toll on her but she tried to hide it

She said on the podcast: “I don’t like it when people can see me breaking off, so I hid it from everyone how hard it was every time.

“You just keep getting stuck in yourself. I could only keep thinking ‘what is wrong with me? why does my body keep killing the baby?”

Teddi, who is married to Edwin Arroyave, said she felt embarrassed and ashamed of her journey, particularly when she realised she was suffering from post natal depression after the births.

She said: “I remember feeling so broken.”

But now she is keen to break the taboo and encourage people to talk about their fertility issues

The health and wellness coach said: “There is nothing to be ashamed of.”



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