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Your questions about the two week wait

The embryo transfer represents the completion of your treatment -the moment your embryos will meet their future home

It also marks the beginning of a waiting period that can be very demanding both emotionally and physically. The dreaded two week wait!! The 14 days post transfer are without doubt incredibly tough. Having worked so hard to get to this point, you want to make sure you do everything you can to ensure you stay fit and well both emotionally and physically.

We always get asked questions about the do’s and don’ts during the two week wait, so we turned to Michalis Kyriakidis, MD, MSc, Gynecologist, Assisted Reproduction Specialist, Embryolab Fertility Clinic for some answers.

What about my diet? Can I eat whatever I want?

A healthy diet can be the foundation of a good result. The waiting period is a great opportunity to improve your eating habits. During this period you should add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and increase your protein intake with fresh fish and poultry. Do not forget to include in your diet at least 8 glasses of water daily as well as multi-vitamin juices.

Should I avoid alcohol altogether?

Alcohol can be very harmful to the embryo. There are several reports linking alcohol consumption during pregnancy to severe birth defects, behavioral problems, and low intelligence. Your embryo transfer is the perfect opportunity to stop drinking alcohol completely.

Do I need to rest or can I still be active?

The waiting time until the pregnancy test can be very stressful. Staying at home, lying down constantly increases your stress levels. Medium intensity activities are suggested during this period. A walk or a meeting with friends will relieve you of stress and will give you the opportunity to socialize. On the other hand, excessive exercise is not beneficial. So please avoid any extremity!

Can I swim in the sea or in the pool?

Swimming can be a very enjoyable exercise. However, your waiting period is usually accompanied by vaginal progesterone use, the pregnancy hormone, and water can interfere with its absorption. In addition, swimming in the sea or pool can cause vaginal and cervical infections which in turn could affect the positive result, so it is best to avoid them.

Can I have sex?

Sexual activity should be avoided during these 15 days. While it is very enjoyable, it can cause mild uterine contractions, which in turn could threaten the embryo. Be patient and let your embryos implant!

No significant changes in your daily life are required until the pregnancy test and by following these easy tips you increase the chances for a positive result and a successful pregnancy!

Are you currently in the two week wait? How are you feeling? What are you doing to distract yourself? We would love to hear how you are doing. Drop us a line at info@ivfbabble.com



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