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Producing a sperm sample. What happens if I just can’t do it when I am meant to?

The sperm sample…

The role of the man in the IVF process may only be a small one, in terms of what he actually physically needs to do compared to what the woman has to do, but, being called in to the clinic to deliver a sperm sample can feel like a big deal. In fact we have heard from so many men who say they feel an epic sense of pressure “to get it right” having seen what their female partners have been through.

We asked our male readers to share with us their biggest fears about producing a sperm sample and asked the team at IVF Spain to offer some reassurance.

Q: At what point during our treatment will I need to produce a sperm sample?

A: The first sperm sample is needed for the diagnostic and it is normally done during the first visit at the clinic. Afterwards, during the treatment there will be the need for a second sperm sample for the fertilization of the eggs.

Q:  Do I need to come into the clinic and do it?

A: Normally Patients produce the sperm sample during their first visit at the clinic as part of the necessary tests that the specialists need for the diagnostic. There is also the possibility to bring the sperm sample to the clinic, but the sample can’t be older than 1 hour.

Q: Is there a private area, so people in the waiting room don’t see me go into a room and know what I am doing? I would feel so awkward if I knew people knew what I was doing!

A: At IVF-Spain we have a private room with no direct access from the waiting room, which can be locked from inside and where nobody can look into. The sample will be left in a window inside the room, the team will pick it up from the other side of the room without seeing the patient. That makes the entire process as private as possible.

Q: What is there in the room? Is there WIFI?

A: The private room is totally equipped with a TV, magazines, Wi-Fi and everything the patient may need.

Q: Is there a time limit? I am worried it might take longer than usual!

A: There is no time limit. The patients have all the time they need and nobody will rush them. If nothing is “happening”, the patient can decide to try at a later time. If it is not possible to produce the sample at all on the day, the patient  can come back the following day or bring a sample from to the clinic. For the second option it is very important that the sample is not older than 1 hour.

Q: Can I produce a sample at home if I really can’t do it in the clinic? If yes, how quickly do I have to get it to the clinic?

 A: The sample can be produced at home and then brought to the clinic, but the sample can’t be older than 1 hour.

Q: What happens if my sperm sample isn’t as good as it was when I was first tested?

A: Normally there a no significant changes in the quality of the sperm samples of the same treatment. In cases where the sample-quality is limiting, the embryologists freeze the sample, so it can be used in case the next one has lower quality.

Q: I have heard about Surgical Sperm Retrieval. Would this happen if I can’t produce a sample on my own? What is it and is it painful? Would this happen on the day?

A: The Surgical Sperm Retrieval is only used in rare cases, where there is no possible way to obtain a sperm sample in another way. The patient has to have an empty stomach, so it normally takes place early in the morning. The procedure is done under local sedation, so the patient feels no pain during this minor surgical intervention.

But there is no rush, as the sperm sample needed for the diagnostic can be done a day after the visit or brought to the clinic after producing it at home. And if there is a problem with the sample for the fertilization, the eggs can also be vitrified and fertilized later. Thanks to the vitrification they will not decrease in quality.

If you have any more questions, drop us a line at info@ivfspain.com or contact the team at IVF Spain.




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