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Poached egg with asparagus on sourdough (sprinkled with parmesan shavings

By Sue Bedford (MSc Nutritional Therapy)

Asparagus is in season in the UK and boasts an impressive nutrient profile – it is also low in calories too! Asparagus is particularly high in folate (Vitamin B9) which is important in the prevention of neural tube defects – vital prior to conception and onwards. Asparagus contains a good amount of vitamin C and E and tops you up with zinc, manganese and selenium – making it a key fertility food for those who are trying to conceive. Great in salads, or as an accompaniment to meat and fish dishes.

Start your day off in a nutritious way and help to balance your blood sugar levels at the same time!

Keeping blood sugar under control is essential for optimizing the chances of pregnancy through fertility treatment (or naturally) as fluctuating blood sugar levels have a knock on negative effect on many hormones associated with fertility such as insulin and progesterone. This then leads to imbalances -for example, in the case of Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Aim to eat some good quality protein with carbohydrate at each meal as this combination helps to reduce the ‘spiking’ of blood sugar levels.

Eggs are just wonderful and contain numerous vital nutrients (some of which help to balance blood sugar levels) including protein, vitamin D and choline (important for brain health and the nervous system in the developing foetus). Many people are deficient in choline.

This delicious dish is a great brunch or lunch too. Enjoy!

Per person:

2 medium eggs

5 British Asparagus spears

Parmesan shavings (optional)

Pepper to season (optional)

Very easy to make:

Poach the eggs in a little boiling water (around 2 minutes for medium eggs). Remove and place onto a plate. Meanwhile boil or steam the asparagus for a couple of minutes, drain and place around the eggs. Season with pepper and sprinkle over some parmesan shavings if you wish and enjoy!






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