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Pineapples! They are everywhere!

This year we launched our Pineapple App, a platform that is connecting men and women who are trying to conceive.

We think we can all agree that the love and comfort from friends and family is so important, but, nothing comes close to the comfort gained from someone who is on the exact same page as you. If you haven’t yet checked it out, please do have a look at the app. (Click here to join). Once you are in, browse through the different topics, connect with groups, follow and connect with other pineapple buddies. Feel the weight of the TTC pressure lift just a little, as you lean on others and share your experiences.

But in the meantime, you might be wondering why everyone in the TTC community is so obsessed with Pineapples? Why did we call our app Pineapple? We asked Jodie Nicholson, Author of I(v)F ONLY! to do some Pineapple digging…

Over the years pineapples have unofficially become the symbol of fertility treatment, particularly IVF, and there are many explanations as to why:

  • Unlike most fruits, pineapples are not grown from seeds.
  • The pollen of a pineapple plant cannot fertilize members of the same variety and the plant will produce a seedless fruit that develops without fertilization.
  • This makes the pineapple the only fruit that requires intervention and assisted fertilisation to reproduce.
  • The shape of a pineapple acts as a reminder to people (usually women) undergoing fertility treatment to “stand tall and wear your crown”.
  • There is also a theory (please note the word “theory”) that pineapple (particularly the core) contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps us break down/digest food. If taken on an empty stomach, bromelain can act as an anti-inflammatory or blood thinner; some believe this can help an embryo implant in the uterus.
  • Those experiencing fertility struggles and/or undergoing fertility treatment often portray a tough exterior and inherit “pointy”, complex defences but remain sweet inside.
  • My favourite – We all deserve a pina colada.

The Pineapple Pin

Launched as a symbol of love, hope and solidarity among people who were trying and struggling to conceive, the IVF babble Pineapple Pin became a nationwide sensation with celebrities and influencers taking to their social media feeds to don the pins and speak openly about their fertility issues.

Wearing or displaying a pineapple doesn’t have to mean you have or are undergoing IVF, it can act as a welcome sign of support for the TTC community. Celebrities such as Fearne Cotton and Sophie Ellis Bextor, have worn the pin, to show their love and support for those struggling to conceive naturally.

The feeling of isolation that TTC can bring

The TTC community can often find ourselves feeling isolated, the process of investigations and treatment can make us feel so alone and although common it often feels like no one understands.

I found myself feeling incredibly intimidated by my own thoughts and fear of judgement prevented me from reaching out and talking about my feelings. This feeling of solidarity is extremely powerful in promoting self believe and strength to aid us in our journeys.

Writing really helped me and I hope my book “I(v)F ONLY!” can help others find comfort and solace in knowing you are not alone.

I found the more I learnt to share my story the more I heard others had experienced similar struggles, to feel, for real that I really wasn’t alone and the feelings I had once been so scared to share are actually experienced by so many others.

Connecting with people who shared my vulnerabilities was such a relief

It allowed me to feel a sense of “normality” in what I thought were abnormal feelings and emotions. It validated my struggle and confirmed that it was ok to feel this way.

To have our feelings and emotions validated allows for acceptance and healing and to find such powerful tools by making friends and connecting with people is absolutely wonderful. What a glorious glimmer of hope in such a hope deprived process.

Many of us aren’t aware of how positively powerful these new connections can be so we need to encourage and actively promote these types of conversations.

Question is, how do we meet people who may be experiencing a similar situation to us? And how do others get in touch with me? Whilst also being safe and sensitive and not offending anyone. I mean, we can’t approach anyone at random and ask about their fertility experiences???


The wonderful people of IVFBabble have done it again, they’ve realised they can help bridge a gap for our TTC community and they’ve stepped right up and decided to facilitate and advocate this much needed safe space of support.

An app!

An app that allows us to detail and share as much or as little of our journey as we feel comfortable doing, where others will do the same, and we can share our experiences and connect with people who are feeling the same way you do and looking for the same thing you are…. A friend!

And of course, it wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t named….

Drum roll please….


So head over to the Pineapple app (Click here to learn more and download the app) and reach out.

All my love, Jodie Nicholson.
If you would like to get in touch with Jodie, you can reach her via her Instagram @JodieNicholsonAuthor
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