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Our friends Harry and Izzy Judd announce pregnancy

This week we are sending all of our love and best wishes to our dear friend Izzy Judd and her husband Harry, who have announced their pregnancy in an interview for Hello Magazine

This will be their third child, but the road to parenthood was not always an easy one. Izzy and Harry were unable to conceive their first child naturally, and tragically, suffered a miscarriage back in 2014 after a round of IVF.

Their second round of IVF though led to the incredible birth of their daughter.

Izzy and Harry have always spoken so openly about their fertility journey, even talking about the strain IVF put on their relationship:

“The dynamic changed because all the focus was on getting pregnant and in a way I lost her (Izzy) a little bit. I lost that smiley, confident, beautiful wife.”

Although the couple went on to conceive their second and third child naturally, they continue to raise awareness around fertility:

“I hope that by talking about fertility again in our article this week and the difficulties I’ve faced over the last few years with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (something I will talk more about soon) will help to bring awareness to the subject of fertility again.”

Izzy Judd has been a friend of IVF Babble since our launch back in 2016, and posted her support for our pineapple pin and #ivfstrongertogether campaign on her instagram account

“I couldn’t feel prouder than to be wearing this very special pin to show my strength, love and support for those who’s lives have been touched by fertility struggles.

“The amount of times I sat in silence feeling desperately alone during our fertility struggles, often wondering who around me might be suffering too. I often wondered why I never spoke to the same lonely girl sat next to me in the waiting room at our IVF clinic, I so wish I had!

“How wonderful would it be to see others wearing the same badge and to realise that so many people are touched by infertility. Surely this powerful badge can help us to all feel stronger together and maybe even allow us to start a conversation ?”

Have you gone on to conceive naturally following IVF? We would love to hear from you. Drop us a line at info@ivfbabble.com

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