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Our Babble Fertility Shop offers carefully selected products handpicked for your fertility journey

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For months now I have been researching the right products to feature in the new Babble Fertility Shop. The brief from Sara and Tracey was clear…everything in the store must be designed to support anyone on a fertility journey (oh and try and get as many discounts for our followers as you can!)

The result – no ordinary store – every product has been carefully selected with the brilliant TTC community in mind, following the guidance of our fertility experts. 

In our shop, you will find chemical free, paraben free, clean products. Supplements. Fertility Tests. Yoga accessories. Self care gifts such as candles, blankets, journals, teas, and pillows! You will also find courses and consultations too.

Understanding what you should or should not be buying whilst trying to conceive can be a minefield of conflicting information, so I have reached out to our experts to help guide you.

Chemical Free Products

Melanie Brown, Nutritionist MSc specialising in fertility, tells us that “Reducing all environmental chemicals is a good idea

“From parabens in toiletries to the chemicals in cleaning products, scented candles, air fresheners, and plastics. Go BPA free with plastics; use glass bottles, reduce tinned foods, use a bamboo BPA-free sustainable take-out coffee/tea cup like Clipper. Eat organic as much as you can, especially whole grains, eggs, tomatoes and peppers, and root vegetables.

Following this guidance, I have sourced a selection of products that comply with all of Melanie’s guidance. Head over to the “Ditch the Plastic” category when you get a mo.

Natural Self Care Products

Behind some of the brands, are special stories from the product creators who have been on their own journeys and created something that they wish they’d had, like Anna Constance, an IVF mum to 18 year old triplet boys who has her own candle business.

“Throughout my treatment and my pregnancy, I was so aware of what I put in my body and also what I breathed in. I had read that paraffin wax candles were toxic so I just didn’t burn any which was such a shame as candles create such a warm relaxing atmosphere, just what you need while going through IVF!

“When I started my candle business it was of paramount importance to me that what my family was breathing in would not harm them so I knew my candles had to be clean burning and non-toxic.

“They are made with 100% natural soy & coconut blended wax and the fragrances used are paraben free and of the finest quality.  The wicks are natural cotton.  They are all hand poured and made with love in my own home. I am a true animal lover so none of the ingredients are tested on animals.”

Our Babble Fertility Shop offers carefully selected products handpicked for your fertility journey IVF Babble

Maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind

Tara Williams, the Fertility Yoga Instructor at HART Fertility Clinic tells us about the benefits of yoga for the mind and body:

“When you are in a better space emotionally and physically, your body has more energy and vitality and is likely to respond much better to the IVF process”.

So, we have Yoga clothing, Yoga DVDs, and the absolutely wonderful ‘CorkYokies’ Yoga mats,  founded by Clare, who has been on her own IVF journey. Clare says:

“IVF is one of the hardest things I have ever voluntarily put myself through. It is hard physically, psychologically, and emotionally and great self-care is important for dealing with all three. 

“How you feel during IVF has an impact on the chances of success, and on how well you will bounce back if it does not work out. While we yearn to produce another human being, we must not forget to honour ourselves”.

Eating well

Maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy life style plays a huge part in your fertility journey. 

Professor Adam Balen, former Chairman of the British Fertility Society (BFS), said:

“Women hoping to conceive through IVF should try to maintain a healthy body weight within a good BMI range.

“They should also use this opportunity to make other lifestyle choices that can contribute to their wellbeing, such as taking moderate exercise, reducing their alcohol and caffeine consumption, and refrain from smoking. Alongside improving their chances of conceiving, this approach will also benefit their long-term health.”

For more information and lifestyle and nutrition, first head over to the wellness section here on IVF babble, then visit the food and drink section in the shop. You will also find nutritional courses too


The shop is of course full of supplements, but before you browse, please do take a look through our wellness section.

 There are so many products in the store, have a look around and see what takes your interest.

If you think I’ve missed anything then please send me an email and I will do my best to get discounts on any product you think will help you on your TTC journey, katie@ivfbabble.com

Much love,


Our Babble Fertility Shop offers carefully selected products handpicked for your fertility journey IVF Babble


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