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Oral Supplement sprays. How effective are they?

With so many different types of supplements on the market, it can be challenging to figure out which ones are the best option for you

We’ve also recently noticed that supplement sprays are becoming more popular, but are they as effective as a supplement in tablet form that you swallow?

We asked Sue Bedford Nutritionist to shed some light. 

Sue, can you tell us what our options are, when it comes to taking supplements?

There are a number of supplements available, including tablets, pills, gummies, powders, liquid syrups, and sprays, in various qualities, formulas, and shapes. People take supplements in a variety of ways, depending on their personal preferences. Some people, for example, choose liquid or spray type because they have trouble swallowing tablets or capsules. It’s beneficial to have a variety of vitamin delivery options because everybody is different and has different needs.

How effective are vitamin oral sprays?

In a recent study, researchers from the University of Sheffield partnered with industry, to test the efficacy of vitamin D oral sprays compared to vitamin D capsules in maintaining blood levels of vitamin D during the winter, when UV sunlight levels are too poor for skin to synthesise this important vitamin. Vitamin D3 was used in this study because it is more effective at preserving blood vitamin D levels than the plant form known as vitamin D2.

What did this study involve?

For six weeks, over the winter months, a group of 22 healthy volunteers in Ireland were given 3000 IU (75 g) vitamin D3 in the form of a capsule or an oral spray. They then moved to the other formulation for another four weeks after a 10-week ‘washout’ duration. For each volunteer, this required comparisons to be made between the vitamin D3 spray and the vitamin D3 capsules.

What did the study conclude?

This research project formed part of a three year research programme and concluded that the oral spray method of vitamin D was equally effective as taking a capsule and supported the same rate of improvement in vitamin D levels amongst the trial volunteers.

Why are oral sprays an effective form of supplementation?

The interior of the mouth has a plentiful supply of blood, which explains why it tends to be so crimson. Vitamins such as vitamin D are absorbed directly into the tiny blood capillaries under the tongue and through the thin layer of cells covering the cheeks after being sprayed into the mouth.

Important note: 

Taking too many supplements can be harmful. Supplements come in a variety of strengths and forms, with some being of higher quality than others. Before supplementing, always check with your doctor, a Qualified Nutritional Therapist, or a Dietician to see whether any tests are needed to rule out any deficiencies.

Before you go ahead and buy your supplements, take a look at this interview with Sue Bedford, in which Sara, co founder of IVF babble, asks Sue to explain what supplements are important when it comes to fertility:

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