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One couple’s hunt for an egg donor during the coronavirus pandemic

Working from home, not working at all, the Easter holidays, self-isolation. At the moment, the world is a strange place, with many of us struggling with the concept of time, non-structured weeks and wondering if weekdays are any different from weekends

But time can mean a very different thing, if you’re desperate for a family in the midst of this crisis.

Whilst some people are mildly annoyed at not being able to go to the gym or get a haircut, for one 41 year old being stuck and unable to go anywhere has a devastating possibility – that she may never become a mum.

She’s supposed to be on a plane heading to Malaysia, to have an egg donated embryo implanted into her perfectly pink, thick womb lining so that she and her husband could have the baby they so desperately want and deserve.

They’ve been patiently waiting for nature to give them a break for ten years

An egg donated embryo in Malaysia finally felt like it could be their time. But as the borders shut, she admits that she’s at the end of her tether, all patience worn out and disappeared.

When the virus first appeared, the Australian couple believed they could still travel to Malaysia, with a mask and gloves, “in and out, easy”. An embryo finally in reach, they weren’t about to give up.

Heartbreakingly, the couple had been in Malaysia in January for the procedure, but that time, her womb lining wasn’t ready. This time it is, and they can’t travel

Ten years have meant five failed IVF cycles, three miscarriages, one ectopic pregnancy and a fallopian tube removal. When she reached 40 years old, the couple realised that egg donation could be their only chance.

Whilst realising that the travel ban is the right thing, it’s hard for the couple to deal with as their dream feels like it’s being crushed again

Now 41 years old, she knows that her age isn’t freezing as the world stops and says her worry lines are a constant reminder of that.

She says that she knows the real heartbreak other couples going through the same thing right now are experiencing . . . and our hearts go out to them all.



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