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Older celebrities urged to be open about their fertility treatment

A US fertility expert has urged older celebrities to be more open about their fertility struggles

The move comes after a university study found that in more than 400 interviews with celebrity-style magazines, only two older Hollywood stars admitted their struggles to become mothers for the first or second time around, The Telegraph has reported.

New York University looked at 416 issues of People, Cosmopolitan and US Weekly between 2010 and 2014 and discovered 240 interviews that featured a pregnancy and of the celebrities 56 per cent of them were 35 years old or over.

The two celebrities that discussed their fertility issues were Nicole Kidman and Celine Dion, who both admitted they had IVF and fertility treatment to conceive their children.

Seven celebrities over the age of 44 were reported as being pregnant or having had a healthy baby, but none mentioned being assisted in their fertility journey.

And this is the issue, according to Dr Richard Paulson, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

He said at the ASRM annual congress in Texas: “We will quite often be having a discussion with someone coming in at 45 or 46 and saying, “Can I have IVF with my own eggs?’ and I will have to say, “No, that’s not necessarily going to work”.

“The problem is all these Hollywood magazines with these women in their 40s who are having twins. “It’s completely unrealistic.”

He called on celebrities to be more open about their struggles and ‘put an end to the stigma of infertility’.

In recent months 44-year-old actress Gabrielle Union has spoken about her struggles, which has prompted more debate for women over 40 to discuss their options.


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