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Nikol. Keeping positive with a mantra

Medical advice from a doctor or practitioner is crucial, but advice from someone who has gone through, or who is going through the same experiences as you is invaluable

Just realising you are not alone in your battle against infertility is not only a comfort, but can also make a huge difference to the way you approach your IVF treatment. Listening to others talk about their experiences can give you the knowledge and the motivation – key factors in getting through your IVF, that you may need.

So we are thrilled to introduce you to an amazing woman, Nikol Jonson Sanchez, who has been motivating women through her blogs ‘not just a beauty blogger’ for the last 2 years as she battles with her own fight against infertility

Nikol was diagnosed with unexplained infertility in 2013, and has incredibly been through 2 rounds of IUI and 5 rounds of IVF and 1 PGS FET.

Nikol was not satisfied with her diagnosis and felt there was more the doctors could do for her

She read up as much as she could on infertility and decided to take matters in to her own hands. After relentless questioning and pushing by Nikol for further testing to get to the bottom of her infertility diagnosis, she discovered just last month, that she didn’t actually have ‘unexplained fertility’. Following laparoscopy surgery that she had requested on numerous occasions, it was revealed that Nikol actually has stage 3 endometriosis. The doctors took out 3 fibroids that were sitting on top of one of her fallopian tubes and distorting it.

Nikol’s misdiagnosis really highlights the fact that you need to ask questions and arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible

Through her vlogs, Nikol not only shares her experiences and knowledge about IVF that she has gained along the way, but she inspires and encourages other women that are also on their own fertility journey. Her vlogs are real, and honest, but are also uplifting and inspiring, as she brings a little bit of herself to IVF through fashion, beauty, anything and everything positive.

Nikol will join us at IVF babble, at the start of every month, with an exclusive vlog to give you that extra lift you may be needing

With tips on how to stay positive, and insights in to her own experiences, we think you will be inspired by Nikol’s positivity, just as we are.

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