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Nikol Johnson Sanchez: Q&A

Nikol, would you tell us about your IVF journey?

Wow, where do I start? To keep it short and sweet I have done two IUI’s, five IVF Cycles and one PGS tested FET. I have never seen those two little pink lines on a pregnancy test.

Although attitudes are changing, IVF is still a whispered word. Did you speak up about your IVF from the beginning of your treatment?

Yes when it came to IVF. When I was first diagnosed with infertility I was so ashamed and embarrassed that I didn’t tell anyone.

What made you go one step further and actually share your journey on the Internet?

I was researching a lot on YouTube. I was looking for anyone that I could relate to and couldn’t find anyone. All the girls seemed to be in a dark room crying and I thought there is no way I am going to get through this if this is what I have to look forward to. I came across Bobbi Thomas’s video talking about her FET and all of a sudden I thought I CAN DO THIS. I can make videos and share my story because Bobbi is a fashion stylist, we are the same age and I could relate to her. I felt empowered that someone in my industry came out and was talking about it.

You have been through so much disappointment, with 6 failed rounds of IVF, yet you are still so incredibly motivated. How do you find this motivation and inner- strength to keep going? 

I feel that God chose me to go through this. It’s part of my life’s challenging journey. I have grown spiritually, learned about my personal power. Figured out how to research and know the right questions to ask. I read a lot of books that are about endurance, motivation and I have that fire in my belly that says “Don’t Give Up the prize is right around the corner.”

Your blogs and vlogs inspire so many, but who inspires you?

I think it is a combination of everything. I am inspired by so many different things not just one person, book or song. For instance my boxing class inspires me because I get stronger and stronger with each class. I come up with blog post ideas when I am hitting the bag. I know it sounds weird but it’s just how my brain works.

I personally found it incredibly tough to be happy and excited for friends when they joyfully announced their pregnancies.

How do you cope with friends around you who are getting pregnant?

This is a hard one. You are always feeling like why is it not me? I think to the day when I get to announce my pregnancy and I want everyone to be happy for me. I put the energy into celebrating what a true miracle it is that she is pregnant and send good vibes her way. It’s all about energy you don’t want jealously and envy to get in the way of positive things coming your way.

What would you say is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner when going through such an emotional roller coaster?

Laughter, understanding and love.

You always look incredible Nikol. What are your tips for looking so good at a time when you are feeling your worst?

Ohhh I have so many beauty secrets I post them on my beauty blog (Freshbeautystudio.com) and I share lots of great beauty tips on my infertility blog.

The main thing that keeps me happy is picking out a bright nail polish color. My favorite right now is Butter London “Smashing”

How do you prepare for a round of treatment?

Lots of green smoothies, exercise, meditation and prayer.

Have you thought about writing a book?

Yes, I am at the beginning stages of writing my first book.

Do you have a life mantra?!

My life’s mantra is “Be Bold, Be Beautiful and Keep Moving Forward” it’s helped me through quite a bit of rough spots in my journey.

Thank you Nikol! We are thrilled to have found you!!! x

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