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National shortage of egg donors, UK agencies reveal

A report has found that women having IVF treatment could wait up to two years for donated eggs

The Daily Mail has revealed it has investigated waiting times for an egg donor at several UK clinics and donor agencies, and waiting time can vary from 12 months to 25 months.

It is believed the reason for the delay is young women have become distracted by COVID and feel nervous about going into clinics in the current pandemic.

The newspaper group found that there was a wait of about 12 to 14 months in Liverpool, with similar waiting times in Leeds and Aberdeen, and in Edinburgh, it was typically two years or more.

The report quoted several different agencies, including Jane Holman, of donation agency, Altrui, who said: “There has always been an extreme shortage of good quality eggs, but demand for eggs is higher since the pandemic, outstripping supply even more.

“Those looking for donated eggs have been unable to travel, making matters worse, and women looking for eggs are telling us they are struggling to find them.”

Allister Short, of NHS Lothian, which oversees the Edinburgh Fertility Centre, said: “COVID has had a real impact on the service – for example at the height of the pandemic, in line with other areas of Scotland, services were paused and we were unable to recruit new donors.”

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