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Meet Diana Zic, certified health coach and fertility yoga instructor

This week we introduce you to US certified health coach Diana Zic, who hails from the windy city of Chicago. Diana is going to offer some top tips on yoga and hormone health in this blog. Enjoy.

“I’m very similar to you, a 30 plus woman trying to conceive in the least painful, inexpensive, and quickest way possible, so I can have at least one child.

“I’m a certified health coach, trained in hormone health and specialise in fertility health and fertility yoga instructor. I heard of IVF Babble through another coach who highly recommended I check them out. Not long after, I met the masterminds of IVF Babble, Sara and Tracey at the Midwest Reproductive Symposium in Chicago this summer and now always wear my pineapple pin with pride.

“Since then, I’ve been following the headlines, motivational posts and support in the fertility community on social media. A few weeks back we chatted and thought it would be a great addition to the magazine to offer the reads some yoga and hormone health tips from a CHC perspective.

Ways to improve your fertility health and experience

“My mission is to support, guide, educate and provide holistic tools to women and men who are looking to optimise their fertility health.  Basically, I empower women and men to make lifestyle changes so they can improve their odds of conceiving: our fertility and health are not separate. I work with couples who are trying to conceive for the first, second or 100th time, who are working with or without a reproductive endocrinologist, and individuals prepping for an egg freeze.

“Because of this passion and probably some stubbornness, I refused to listen to the doctors that repeatedly told us there was a two percent chance of conceiving a child without the use of IVF due to my husband having too much sperm (yes that’s real) and my one fallopian tube. One of the doctors actually made a bet with my husband that if it did he owed us dinner.

“For years I fought against it because I knew deep down that my husband and I needed to make the necessary lifestyle changes as well as use the guidance from some amazing doctors and healer to make it happen.  AND guess what? I got pregnant spontaneously: no IUI or IVF this year. Oddly, enough it was when we had decided to move forward with adoption, I know, I know you’ve heard that too many time, but it’s the truth.

Unfortunately, at my nine-week appointment we had some bad news 

“We were crushed that after seven years on and off trying to conceive that our twins were conjoined. It happens to one in 200,000 people and doctors said there is nothing we could have done differently. The twins were sharing the same body, so the likelihood of them making it through was highly unlikely and risky to my health, not to mention other abnormal occurrences would likely occur as the pregnancy went along. So, on May 22, a day I’ll never forget I terminated my first and only pregnancy, which as you can imagine was the worst thing I’ve had to do in my life thus far. What was worse, is I had to do another D&C because the first one left behind tissue.

“On a lighter note, my body, mind and spirit has been healing well and I’ve been focusing on regaining faith in the process. As crazy as it sounds, this traumatic experience called the “fertility journey” has made it clear to us that we more than ever believe in our bodies’ abilities to conceive and pray this time coming will bring a happy and healthy peanut.

“Going forwards, I’m so looking forward to sharing my fertility health tips with you, and want to start by teaching you one of my favourite yoga positions.”

Meet Diana Zic, certified health coach and fertility yoga instructor IVF Babble

If you would like to learn more about Diana Zic and her services, you can find here at www.dianazic.com or @dianazicyogini_fertilitycoach



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