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Can I get pregnant with my own eggs if my AMH is low?

We always stress the importance of listening to the experts and following your consultant’s guidance, but we also encourage you to take comfort from the incredible TTC community. We reached out to our Instagram followers and asked them to share their stories. We asked them what their AMH levels had been and whether they went on to conceive. This is what they said.

I had very low AMH after having chemo for breast cancer (aged 33). I did get pregnant several times after IVF rounds but sadly miscarried each time. I then conceived my little boy after using ‘backup my eggs frozen prior to chemotherapy (aged 27). Incredibly lucky we were given a chance to freeze embryos before chemo, not every woman is given this chance/funding.”

I had a very low AMH at 30 years old due to surgery for Endometriomas. A san on 3rd IVF cycle showed 3 follicles and the cycle was very nearly cancelled as I barely met the minimum for collection! However, I had 3 eggs collected, 2 transferred back to me at 3 days and I have boy/girl twins! Absolute miracles they are!”

I had an AMH of 3.2 at 36, and found this out just as we were about to be put forward for our 1st cycle of IVF. If it was much lower I wouldn’t have been eligible for IVF under the trust I was with. I was given a 10% chance of meds working. I was devastated by the news. The consultant was fantastic, gave me a higher dose of meds & x 2 trigger injections. 14 eggs collected,3 top quality blastocysts,1  transferred & 9 months later 1 little girl. We are forever grateful. I’m now pregnant with my 2nd….at 38 almost 39, and it happened naturally.No idea what my AMH currently is but I know the chances of this happening to someone like me are ridiculously tiny & I feel very fortunate for this to have happened to me. Sending love, hope & strength to all those TTC.”

I had an AMH of <1 at the age of 33. 1 failed IVF that didn’t even make egg recovery as I only had 1 little follicle. 1 successful IUI with said 1 follicle and currently 31 weeks pregnant with our little miracle baby.”

Mine was at 1.9. I bawled when I got the news. Endo took quite a toll on my ovarian reserve and played a factor in an immune response causing implantation failure, I’m sure. At the very least, hormone imbalances. I was in my early 30s at the time. We completed IVF, 3 total, the first round was a bust – 4 embryos but poor quality. I upped my supplements, ubiquinol for many many months, nutrition-focused anti-inflammatory diet, etc. The last two cycles each retrieved a single embryo each. Both worked, separately, and I have 2 little girls. What a battle this is! I’m so glad we pushed through despite the very low AMH results.”

I was told at 28 that I had low for my age and also a low follicle account. After being told the chances of IVF were low and my eggs being described as rotten apples I went on to have a cycle of IVF which resulted in no eggs being fertilised due to poor quality. I then went on to have ICSI which resulted in 3 eggs being fertilised, 2 made it to blastocyst one is now a 21 month year old girl and the other is in the freezer. I have also just had the shock of my life recently finding out I have conceived naturally. So stay strong Ladies I really do believe miracles happen.”

At 34 I had AMH <1 and FSH at 159. I also had very low vitamin D levels (which is said to be related). I contacted a nutritionist, had my diet changed and she also gave me some supplements. I also had a polyp removed and my cycle returned back to almost normal. We conceived naturally a year later, at 35. Our daughter is now two years old.”

I found I had an AMH of 0.5 age 35. I was also diagnosed with endometriosis, had endo surgery, and started IVF. We did two cycles. The first one resulted in no eggs collected. The second one resulted in one very poor quality 5day blasto but sadly ended in MMC at 11w. Over all this time I had worked really hard to improve my egg quality. Our consultant was always very open with us that our chances of conceiving with my eggs were very poor. We decided to try one more cycle with my eggs before moving into donor eggs. However just before our third cycle, and three years into our fertility journey, I found out that I was pregnant naturally for the first time ever. I am currently 27weeks. Miracles do happen.”

I had a low AMH and not was ovulating monthly (not a great combination) and was told the only chance I had of conceiving was IVF. So at 36 I had my first round of IVF and produced 5 eggs. 1 frozen and 1 which is now my 5 month old daughter. I thought I’d never have children so miracles do happen and my daughter is definitely my little miracle.”

It is very important to remember though that a reference range can vary between clinics, so make sure you speak to your consultant to fully understand the results of your AMH test. But here is a guide:

AGE                                         AMH level (pmol/l)

20-29 years                             13.1 – 53.8

30-34 years                             6.8 – 47.8

35-39 years                             5.5 – 37.4

40-44 years                             0.7 – 21.2

If you have had a low AMH test result, it doesn’t have to mean putting an end to your dreams of motherhood, as these amazing women have shown us. Thank you once again the wonderful TTC community.





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