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Love your sperm: Products to help protect those all important swimmers

We are all about the love this month, so what better way to share that by looking at how you can improve male fertility using these simple but effective products

With male fertility rates falling across the globe, the search is on for new culprits – and ways to get round them. So, because necessity is the mother of invention, there are plenty of products out there today that will help protect sperm.

Snowballs underwear takes on the overheating problem and clues you into the clever name. Using freezable gel packs that are slipped into the underwear it keeps the nether regions chilled to improve fertility. Even small variations in temperature of one degree can wreak havoc on the health of sperm. While they should not be used for more than an hour at a time the advice to keep the groin area cool is enduring and the Snowballs offer a chance to do so discreetly and easily.

There are other products that tackle an increasingly important factor in male fertility – mobile phones.

Mobiles use electromagnetic waves for constant communication with the network – almost any time the phone is switched on those waves are active. The electromagnetic radiation it produces passes through the body and has been found to have serious effects on sperm – with experts likening it to “cooking”. Extra unhelpful is the way men tend to carry their phones in a front pocket – right next to developing sperm.

But mobile phones are such an important part of our daily lives, essential for most people. Even when faced with infertility very few people will want to give up their phone

Kronjuwelen – “crown jewels” in German – are anti-radiation underwear. These stylish boxers are threaded with silver which blocks the radiation, keeping it away from the underwear’s precious cargo. As you might expect, underwear that is 20 per cent silver is a little on the expensive side but what price can you put on the family inheritance?

Another tactic is to put the shielding around the offending phone, rather than the body. WaveWall is an anti-radiation phone case that allows normal use of the phone while blocking more than 85 per cent of the electromagnetic field from entering the body and damaging the developing sperm. Plus the cases come in different styles and colours for a huge variety of phones. WaveWall’s trick is the metallic fibres line the case only on the body side to block the radiation passing that way. This allows the electromagnetic radiation to get to the phone but not any further into the body.

Being aware of the factors in male infertility is one thing, but these products can help you make a real difference to the health of sperm and to your fertility

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