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Our love story is my favourite

Hi there, I am sanne and I’m 34 years old. My husband is Jordy and he’s 35. Together with our two miracles, our daughter Keet of 4 years old (born thru an ICSI procedure) and our latest miracle Boet, he was born on the 2nd of July this year (also thru an ICSI procedure ) we live in Schijndel in the Netherlands. And this is our fertility story.

I always knew that I want to become a mother. When I met Jordy in 2008, I instantly was falling in love with him and we soon bought a house together. We were so happy together. We started trying to have a baby in the end of 2008. Nobody could know, it was our little secret and I began to imagine how to tell our family and friends when it had to happen. We had lots of ideas and we kept trying. Every month was a disappointment when it still wasn’t coming. The people around us started to tell us that I was to obsessed with it. I had to be relaxed and then it should happen. We went on holidays together and we tried and tried but is was staying still.

We kept trying and trying, then I went to the doctor in the year 2009 because my cycle wasn’t coming. They diagnosed me with PCOS. I was devastated but my doctor told me that if I changed my life style it shouldn’t be any problem. If I could lose 10 % of my weight my cycle would come back and we could get pregnant. When I did that (like its that’s easy ) they would help me with hormones.  So we went home and for quite some time and it was long weight. This became my new obsession. We went on holidays with lots of food just for me so that my diet stayed the same. I was losing myself. I was obsessed, depressed and not really myself. Al for the baby.

Then we went on a vacation to the Dominican Republic in 2012. It was amazing and beautiful. Jordy asked me to marry him at night on the beach beneath the stars. I screamed yes! There even was a falling star and we made a wish together. Of course it was the baby wish. What a fairy tale and it was ours this time. It sounds almost too good to be true.

When we got home we were excited and very happy! So the obsession of having a baby was still present but less. I lost 30 kilograms and the wedding was coming.

After we got married in 2013 I got gallstones due to the weight loss. I had an operation where they removed my gallbladder. They told me that losing weight had to be slower because my gallbladder was out. Then my other doctor, who said that they would help me, told me that I still had to lose weight. So my world fell apart. Because it was a difficult position. Lose weight and risk gallstones again or not get pregnant with help from this doctor.

We decided to look for another hospital and we had an appointment with Nij Geertgen in Holland. They were glad that they could help me. Of course they gave life style advise but my weight wasn’t a reason to not help me. I was so happy that I had hope again. We tried with GONAL-F injections to get pregnant but the PCOS was extreme. So we had to cancel my cycle a lot. Every time we were devastated. Even at our vacations we were doing injections and planned around my cycle. Everything had to be considered. Our lives stopped and we were only focused on having our baby. Then finally, in 2014, we had 40 eggs and we had an escape ICSI. We were over the moon.  The procedure  was very painful but we did it. And we had 20 embryos. Wow, this had worked. When we had our first embryo transfer, we got so lucky, I was pregnant! We had our daughter Keet in 2015.

Unfortunately, the birth was not good and it was awful and dangerous, thank God, we both are alive but it was very close

Then I got a depression because of all the things we had gone true. I stayed working on the depression and myself. Then I was myself again. Great! We are so blessed with one child. We realised that, but the wish of having more children became much bigger every month. We started trying to have a second baby in 2016. We went to the doctor again and started our transfers. We had the embryo’s in the freezer. We had multiple transfers. Month after month.  Then I got a positive test. Over the moon and filled with love we were so excited! But than there was that day, that day that I had the miscarriage. We were so sad. But I want to go on! Keep going because when I had to wait I was not getting better, I was getting depressed and sad. So more transfers were coming. We had a lot of opportunities. Another ICSI procedure and we became pregnant 5 times. Every time we were so glad and happy. But they didn’t last.  I had an operation because the miscarriage kept on growing but is wasn’t alive. The doctors told me that we had no more embryos and that we have to do the ICS procedure jet again. And so we did. We kept trying for two years. Then they told me the change was very slim and that we are lucky to have our daughter. We kept going. It was very hard but I couldn’t give up!  We had our focus on surviving and our second baby. Nothing else mattered, but having a baby brother or sister for Keet.

And then I won a FREE IVF offered through IVF Babble

We couldn’t believe it! It was like winning the lottery. What a miracle!

We did the procedure in Holland. Our last chance. And then the first embryo transfer had success. I was pregnant again. I had lots of fears during this pregnancy because all of what we had been true. I couldn’t believe it was true until 24 weeks in the pregnancy.

And then on the 2nd of July this year our, dream came true! Our son Boet was born. We had given Keet a baby brother.

In total we had 26 embryo transfers.

We are so glad we’ve made it. And we never gave up. I am so proud of my husband and my family.

We want other people to know our story and maybe feel a little bit of hope. If you’re in this position you have to believe in that one chance of making your dreams come true.

Here at IVFbabble we couldn’t be happier for Sanne and her gorgeous family and send them so much love.

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