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Leeaf – the empowering fertility treatment app

We are huge supporters of men and women, who having experienced their own struggles with infertility, go on to create something they wished they’d had, with the aim of supporting others. This is why we are thrilled to share with you the mission of Jan Choma, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Leeaf, a fertility treatment portal and mobile app.

So what is the The Leeaf app?

The Leeaf app was developed for women undergoing or expected to undergo fertility treatment. This patient-oriented mobile app digitizes the patient fertility journey in a very accessible and transparent way, allowing patients to store, access, and easily share all fertility and ART related data. Patients can keep track of their own fertility health, treatments and stimulation protocols while staying connected to their clinics in real time.

Why was Jan’s (Founder and CEO of Leeaf) own fertility journey so key to the creation of the app?

Jan and his wife went through fertility treatment and numerous IVF cycles together before successfully conceiving their son, Oliver. Jan was stunned by how difficult it was to find the right treatment plan and conceive while modern technology is readily available all around.

“Over the course of 21 months, I watched my wife go through twelve failed IVF cycles. I lived through every moment of that journey with her and shared the deep sorrow she felt after each unsuccessful cycle.”

Based on Jan’s personal experiences with infertility and treatment procedures, as well as his background knowledge in modern technologies and AI, Leeaf came to life set out to improve the IVF treatment process for every following patient, saving them from the mental, physical, and financial anguish of failed IVF cycles.

How does Leeaf help patients?

Focused on improving fertility treatment outcomes and shortening the time to conception, Leeaf delivers seamless technological solutions to modern-day fertility challenges.

“We want to disrupt existing patterns in female health care and contribute our part to a future where women benefit from a personalized medical approach tailored to their individual needs. Leeaf aims to spread awareness, educate, and counteract the notion of infertility as a socially tabu topic,“ says Olga Chabr Grillová, Co-CEO of Leeaf, who herself underwent fertility treatment at the age of only 25 to prepare for possible fertility issues.

Leeaf empowers both patients and physicians by providing them with a full suite of data-driven tools to help them make meaningful decisions on the reproductive journey. Preparing and guiding patients all throughout their fertility treatment and supporting physicians in treatment selection, Leeaf digitizes the fertility journey in a truly accessible and transparent way.

The Leeaf app caters to the needs and interests of women undergoing infertility treatment, allowing patients to store, access and easily share all fertility and ART related information –  anywhere, anytime. The app guides users through treatment protocols and subject matter content, all while providing them with personalized support and access to the information they need exactly when they need it throughout their personal reproduction journey.

How does Leeaf help fertility specialists?

The Leeaf physician portal is a state-of-the-art digital solution for clinics, physicians, and fertility specialists that contributes to holistic and meaningful decision making by taking into consideration any available patient health, lifestyle, and fertility information and creating a 360-degree picture of the patient’s fertility health status.

Comparing patient profiles across clinics and countries, Leeaf delivers truly personalised treatment recommendations to patients undergoing fertility treatment based on big data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Leeaf’s mission is to positively impact the conception journey of each user by delivering tailored fertility treatment recommendations. Trained on thousands of cycles to identify patterns in patient medical and lifestyle data, Leeaf makes every ART treatment personalized in order to increase fertility treatment success and shorten time to conception.

What is Leeaf’s ultimate mission?

Ultimately, Leeaf is aiming to enable any couple to conceive within two cycles or less.

At the moment, Leeaf is working on incorporating data from lifestyle wearables into their platform and mobile app to enrich the existing pool of available health information and provide users with more valuable insights into how their lifestyle and habits affect their fertility health daily.

To contribute to the improvement of fertility treatment outcomes on a larger scale, the Leeaf research team is conducting a study to verify the effectiveness of data and AI-driven treatment personalization in increasing pregnancy and take-home baby rates for infertile couples.

To learn more about Leeaf, click here

To download the app, click here



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